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Juggling is a broad term that covers MANY types of object manipulation, from juggling balls and clubs to Devil Sticks and Diabolos, I'm sure we have something for you to play with.

  •  G-Force Bounce Balls
    G-Force 65mm Bounce Ball $10.99

    G-Force Bounce Juggling Balls by Play Juggling in Italy are considered "The best bounce juggling ball in the world", NO JOKE!  The G-Force ball has a 90% bounce to weight ratio, making it a super high bounce ball and...

  • 80mm Stage Balls
    Stage Ball 80mm 150GR $8.49

    Play Juggling makes some of the best stage balls on the planet, according to the world of jugglers. This 3" or 80mm stage ball is great for 3-5 ball toss juggling and learning basic contact juggling.  The balls are...

  • 100mm Contact Juggling Balls
    Stage Ball 100mm 200GR $10.00

    Play Juggling out of Italy makes some of the best stage balls on the planet and this 100mm specimen is what most contact jugglers LOVE. These balls can be used for toss juggling or more often contact juggling that is more...

  • Sil-X Implosion 67mm Balls
    Sil-X Implosion 67mm $10.99

    The Sil-X Implosion ball is a unique ball that is most akin to a Russian Juggling Ball. It is a clear molded soft plastic shell that is partially filled with liquid UV reactive silicone that glows under blacklights, offering...