10 Reasons Why Hooping is Actually Mature and Not Childish

A photo of my first fire hooping experience

A photo of my first fire hooping experience - by Ty Lohr Photography


1. FIRE hoops

That's right, you can light them on fire. You definitely won't be allowing your kids to set their hula hoops on fire. You can't fire up any ol' hula hoop. Fire hoops are built in a special way that allows you to set a part of them on fire. It is exhilarating and adds a new perspective to hooping. Always have a spotter and safety person with you. It is not to be taken lightly and should be researched and practiced.

2. Better Coordination as Adults

Just because hula hoops at stores are typically made for children doesn't mean adults aren't welcome. In fact, many children don't have the patience or desire to learn hula hooping. Adults have a more developed hand-eye coordination that may be required to finally figure that hula hoop out!

3. Great for Exercise

Hooping is generally a low-impact activity. Older adults seek out lower impact exercise that does not hurt their joints. Kids are happy running in circles all day. Adults are a bit more difficult to please when it comes to exercise. Hooping is known for its addictive aspects. It keeps people healthy and interested. Adults need to keep their heart healthy, and hooping helps. It burns an average of 400-600 calories per hour.

4. Adult Hoops

Did you notice you can't use hula hoops like you used to? It because you aren't a kid anymore and you outgrew them. Hoops are not just for kids. There are many different types of hoops specifically made for adults. They are very large and often heavy. The ideal size of each adult hoop depends on the height of the adult, their coordination level, and the size of their waist/hips. You can find these hoops under "beginner hoops" online or at etsy.com

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5. Hooping can be Sexy

If one should choose to be sexy, hooping can be of assistance. Hooping and hoop dance can be a sensual and thrilling experience. Watching your body change and transform from this exercise may give you more confidence in the bedroom. The gyrating of the hips and body can add another sexual aspect. Due to the fact that hoops stick better to bare skin, you can choose to wear little clothing. If you want to look sexy, you can revolve your hooping around the effect. Example: Burlesque Hooping, can be found on YouTube

6. Hooping Helps you Meet New Friends

It is sometimes difficult to meet new friends once high school and/or college is over. If you decide to participate with hooping, you can meet friends with your same interest. It gives you something to talk about and do. Not all people want to spend their social time in the bars or at the club. This meet and greet opportunity is for all ages! Hooping makes for less awkward silences and more fun!

7. You Gotta be Tough!

Not only is hooping known for causing bruises, but it can smack you pretty hard while learning new things. It can smack you hard enough to cause a bloody nose, fat lip, or a split ear. Not many kids will want to deal with getting hurt trying to learn the tricks and other techniques. Most kids take getting hurt really seriously and it bothers them for a while after. Dedicated adult hoopers can handle the pain and bruises because it is so worth it! Most of them will just shake it off and keep on going!

8. Relate to children

This can make you a better parent, aunt, uncle, nanny, babysitter, sister, brother, and so on. If you struggle to relate to kids, hooping really helps. It gets their attention and can keep it for a while. It makes them look at you like the "fun" adult and they may begin to look up to you. You are setting a positive example for them. You are showing them that not giving up can give them good results.

9. Happiness

As people get older, responsibility can feel heavy and happiness may be harder to experience. Happy people are okay with what they choose to do with their time. Mature people are concerned with their happiness and health. Maturity thinks about how actions and attitudes affects others. If hooping makes them happy and healthy, it will affect those around them. They are setting a great example for others. They are grown up enough to take control of their lives and just play. "We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing."

10. Life Lessons

The life lessons you can learn from hooping are valuable for adults. Many of these lessons won't be fully understood by children. Some of those lessons include positive body image, patience, perseverance, and the value of equality. There are many more things you will learn in life if you become a dedicated hooper. However, you won't know unless you try.

If you are not familiar with hooping or hoop dance, do some research. You may be very surprised!

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