3 Funky But Useful Tips for Hoopers

Hula hooping is so much more than just a plastic circle that goes around your waist.

There’s a lot of thought, practice, hard work, and dedication that goes into hoop dancing. However, I never knew this when I started hooping and had to find out the hard way. There are some great tips I learned and taught myself along the way and I hope they help you too. They are a bit weird, if you ask me. Especially to someone who is new. So here ya go… three tips that are super useful for hoopers, but also a bit funky!


Round n Round

You know you’re teaching a new person to hoop when every other word out of your mouth is “spin.” This is a fundamental of hooping. If you don’t spin, you won’t get that trick down, and there will likely be a slew of hoop-to-face action, which is never fun. Almost all on-body moves require spinning.

Spin spin spin.

Think you “just can’t do a trick?” You’re probably not spinning.

Can't get the vortex down for the life of you? You’re probably not spinning.

There’s no way your hoop ever stays on your knees! You’re not spinning are you? There are lots of off-body moves that you should not spin for, including but not limited to isolations, chest rolls and anti-spins.

Yes, being a bit dizzy is part of the game.

Go with it

I love this one. It’s great, you essentially make your mess ups a totally sick new move, go along with it. It’s hard to explain, but instead of saying “Ah, I messed up!” Or totally starting over, just go with it.

So if your hoop falls down your waist, just start leg hooping...Yeah, of course you meant to do that! It’s fun to stumble upon a new trick or practice another one when you “mess up.”

When I do brakes too hard and it goes wonky and slaps down so it’s vertical, I just pretend I meant to do that and escalator it up or make it into a fold.

This totally works and you might unlock some cool new thing.

Smile and make it look pretty

This tip is linked to the previous one. So if you can make your mistakes “just work,” awesome. When you don’t, make your “mess ups” pretty.

When you do a pizza toss and it went too much to the left for you to get back under it, just grab it on the side and go with it. Did you drop the hoop? Just pick it up in a nifty fun way and go with it.

Hardly anyone will notice. This comes in handy if you’re filming yourself or performing.

Do you have another weird or funky tip?!