35 Hooper Problems


Whether you are just beginning your hoop journey, or you’ve been hooping for many years, we all encounter obstacles at different points in our path. Below is a list of common issues that we hoopers are likely to face in the midst of our hoop journeys. Perhaps you can relate to them- feel free to comment below if you have your own “hooper problems” to share!

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1. Polypro cracking.

2. Tape scuffing.

3. Grip tape disintegrating.

4. Pinching your hands coiling and uncoiling the hoop.

5. Wonky hoops.

6. Trying to un-kink a bent hoop.

7. Broken hoops that you keep around because you can’t bear to throw them away.

8. Breaking furniture around the house.

9. Being constricted in small indoor hoop space in rain or cold weather.

10. Gnats, mosquitoes, and other bugs while hooping outdoors.

11. Fearing the safety of your polypro hoops in freezing weather.

12. Running out of places to store your hoops.

13. You have pets that are scared of the hoop.

14. A fear of hurting someone with the hoop.

15. Nervousness in front of the camera disrupting your flow.

16. Nervousness when other people are watching you hoop.

17. Having a grumpy “hoop face” even though you are beaming on the inside.

18. Being asked to perform a routine on demand.

19. Hair getting in the way of hooping.

20. Bruises. Bruises everywhere.

21. Having to explain the bruising.

22. When the hoop hits you hard in any sensitive area of your body.

23. Synthetic, slippery fibers have suddenly become your enemy.

24. Having to justify spending hundreds of dollars on LED hoops.

25. Having to explain why you are adding yet another hoop to your collection.

26. Having to insist that there are differences between all your hoops to non-hooping friends.

27. When your favorite hoop becomes too big (or small) to 'fit' your flow.

28. Forever agonizing about when and which size to downsize your hoop.

29. When there is a long wait for your new hoop to arrive.

30. Plateau-ing, or being in a rut.

31. Dealing with unwanted attention from strangers.

32. Being unsure whether someone is genuinely complimenting your hooping or hitting on you.

33. Not wanting to indiscriminately let others play with your LED hoops while also not wanting to come off as rude.

34. Hoop jams and workshops taking place too far away from where you live.

35. Knowing a lot of hoopers online but not knowing many (or any) in real life.

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