A Quick Guide to Traveling with a Hula Hoop

Attention wandering souls with a hula hoop! Here is some helpful advice if you want to travel the world with your hoops. We love our hoops and going on vacation without them is usually not an option. One of the biggest concerns is traveling with them on an airplane and keeping them safe.


1. Check to make sure you know how to properly collapse your hoop, sometimes it’s a figure eight fold, and sometimes it’s a snap button. You will need a collapsible hoop. Yes, there are people who have flown with full size hoops; however, this is cumbersome. Some airlines will let you store it on board, but it seems like a lot of trouble to travel will a full sized hoop and there is a greater risk of it getting bent. 

I’d suggest a collapsible hoop only. There’s no risk regarding where it will be stored once you board the plane. A collapsable hoop will fit in the overhead compartment and you will be able to keep an eye on them.

Extra tip if you have small hoops:

If you have hoops that are smaller than 32’’ chances are, you will have trouble collapsing them, they are just too small. The best advice for this situation is to get extra tubing to act as an addon to your hoop to complete the circle. I have pictures to show you so you can see what I mean. My hoops pictured are 28’’ HDPE, the extra add on makes taking them places SO much easier. It’s well worth it, and hoop shops are usually more than willing to do it for you, sometimes at no cost since you just need a very small amount of some scrap tubing.


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You don't have extra tubing? Just tape them together at the ends. It may be less convenient to carry; however, they should still be small enough to bring on the flight, just attach them to your bag.

       tape or zip tie


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2. If you have multiple hoops you want to bring, buy a hoop bag. It’s just so much easier to transport multiple hoops. If you don’t have the cash flow for this option, just get something to strap them on your bag. A simple backpack with a velcro tie, braided yarn, a belt, or something similar will would work just fine. Get creative! Many Etsy stores have hoop bags for sale.

3. My experience has always been positive on all of my flights. My hoop bag hasn't counted as a carryon, and nobody has questioned my odd looking circular green bag. I've flown internationally and in the USA. I can’t speak for all airlines of course, but if they are collapsed, they will certainly be allowed as a carryon. The collapsed hoops will fit in the overhead compartment.


Have fun you hooping gods and goddesses! It’s no problem to travel with your hoops as long as you properly collapse them and store them in the overhead compartment. Have fun wherever you happen to jaunt off to in this wonderful world! 

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Photo Credit: Tiffany Hancock and Indika Creationz Facebook page