Basic Hula Hoop Routine for Beginners - Start Here!

Hey guys and gals, welcome to the beginners tutorial - let's get you shakin' some serious moves, burning some weight and having some fun!

Today I will share with you two moves that you can get started on straight away to form the base of your hula hoop workout. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or just tone up and learn some cool moves, these two exercises are a fantastic way to begin.

First up is the basic bread n' butter move:

Side to Side

1. For this exercise, hold your hoop at waist level and keep your feet at shoulder width or just a little further if it’s comfortable.

2. Next, spin the hoop (you will know which way feels the most comfortable for you when you start) so that it rotates around your hips.

3. As the hoop spins, try to move your hips side to side and see how long you can keep hooping for. It isn’t quite as easy as it seems at the start, but once you can get it rotating for 10+ spins, you will get better quickly.

A good target to aim for is 60 seconds if you are just starting out - this is pretty tricky stuff! I have found that it is easier to watch the clock or to have a beeper that goes off every 30 seconds or so, rather than trying to count the revolutions. Sometimes the hoop spins quite fast and it is easy to lose count.

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Next up is a move that is called:

The Orbit

1. Start with your feet close together and hold the hoop out in front of you with one hand.

2. Start to move the hoop around your hand by moving your arm up and down in short bursts to keep the hoop going.

3. Ever so slowly, start to lift your arm straight up without bending your elbow. You want to bring your arm slowly up so that eventually you are rotating the hoop so it is straight above your head.

4. This move can be disasterous if you let the hoop go so make sure you practice somewhere there are no cats or chandeliers!

What To Do With These Moves?

Great question!

These two moves are something that you should slowly work on to get up to 60 seconds of each, and then you can start to create a workout with the two of them. I know there are a whole lot of amazing and exotic looking hoop moves out there, but trust me when I say that you have got to nail the easy ones first!

You already know this though, just like everything else in life we’ve gotta get a good foundation and then move on. So practice these two moves and try to get in at least 5 minutes per day. Kelly Osbourne has said that she lost 70 pounds by just starting to hoop 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night!

Once you have got these two moves aced, try to combine them i.e doing the orbit and then letting the hoop come down your arm and body and try to start the side to side again.

Let me know how you get on and set up your camera to take some cool pics of you doing it!

P.S - if you are wanting to upgrade to the next move, check out the bump !