Bravery Affirmations for Hoop Professionals

From performers, to teachers, to vendors, and even to all practicing hoopers, everyone can benefit from these three powerful affirmations! Repeat them to yourself to keep your spirits high and courage strong. These affirmations are a boost of self-love for your mad hooping skills!

I am brave. I am confident in my knowledge and skills.

Whether it is getting on stage, teaching your class, hooping at the local park, or getting ready to sell your hoops, be brave! Being successful is part knowing your stuff, and having the skills to back it up, and you have got both of those things baby! So be confident! Instead of thinking “I’m nervous” think “I’m brave!” Being a little nervous is good, it means your body is at full alert! Don’t associate that with a bad thing, because it is good, and when combined with repeating positive affirmations, instead of reinforcing feelings of fear, you can really own that magical talent you’ve brought to the stage!


I am thankful to share my talent with others.

So many people are amazed by the magic and wonders of hoop dance, especially those outside of the circle. Even your beginners’ strut will make people stop and glance! So with that said, be grateful you can share this beauty and joy with others. It brings many smiles to the audience, and that is such a special moment, when you have brought joy and inspiration to someone. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, honestly! If you’re nervous about your performance, or next big gig, just remember to be boundlessly grateful that you can share the joy of hoop dance with your community. It’s pretty hard to think negatively about such a beautiful gift!

I dance to my own rhythm. This rhythm comes with me everywhere I go.

Sometimes it can be super nerve racking hooping in public! Especially if you’re used to a lot of solo hoop time in your back yard. I myself have in the past, been prone to the dread of choking in public, that spiral downwards of repeating the same tricks over and over. It is okay, we’ve all been there! But look at it this way, if you can really get lost in your flow in your back yard alone, know deep within that, that flow is inside you, wherever you are, with or without music! It doesn’t matter what people think, and more people than not, admire a free spirit dancing to the beat of their own drum. It’s freeing and something many wish they could embody themselves. So dance it up babe! Be confident in your rhythm and don’t let yourself believe you can’t find flow in public, the flow is always inside you, wherever you go.

Print the reference below, keep it on your mirror, in your wallet, in your car visor, tucked into the cd slot of your boom box! Keep it wherever it will suit you best, and remember to fill your mind with positive affirmations, and this will help you manifest the success and happiness you want in life.affirmationsnote