Brighton - A Hooping Paradise - Video by Nadiah Hoopflow

Repost from originally published on September 11, 2015.

Nadiah was captivated by Brighton, England when she moved there 7 years ago. She not only fell in love with the city, but with the hooping community. She showcases her hooping skills with one hoop, two hoops, and multiple hoops. Read more about her video below:

Nadiah says in her YouTube video description:

"I moved to Brighton 7 years ago this month for University, and instantly fell in love with its easy going, welcoming and accepting vibe. And of course, its the seaside! One of the things I really got into since moving to Brighton, was, of course, Hooping. There is a huge, really awesome hooping community in Brighton who have really pulled me into it, both with classes and hoop jams!

So I thought I would combine two of the things I love and created a hoopy video of just some of the things that make Brighton awesome! Starting on a quick tour through The Lanes, Hoopy locations include Brighton Pavillion, The Seafront, Madeira Drive, some of the well known Street Art around the North Laine area -and some New Street Art I found just off London Road!

With music from Brighton's' very own Fatboy Slim."