Dori Harkin's Hoop Rap - How it was Created

I interviewed the lovely Dori Harkin in response to her awesome rap she wrote about being a hooper! Her rap got such a huge response, the facebook post version has been shared over 1,316 times from her personal page. It was done over the beat to "Finally Moving" by Pretty Lights. We all fell in love with this creative piece of work as soon as we heard it. She recorded it in her Honda CRV.

Dori Harkin

Dori has been hooping since May 2012.

Dori said she recorded it in the car because "The surround sound and seclusion was nice". She continued to explain how it was created. "I was in Florida over Christmas and I got to hoop a whole bunch wile I was there. I had listened to that silly song "I'm a gangster," and it was a pretty quirky song, and I just started making fun of it by saying 'I'm a hooper'. It didn't take long to make up. and I never wrote it down until I tried to say it with a beat. I love slam poetry already, and I can say the rap to any beat, so for a while, I just rapped it to anything. One day I was just sitting in the car watching the snow fall, and Finally Moving (that pretty lights song) came on, and I thought, 'hey my rap might match with this' So, I gave it a try, and I really liked the way it sounded and decided to take a few vids. Only made two takes of it, so it didn't take too long. I had it on my phone for a while before I posted it. I don't really post my raps because...well, it makes me nervous. But I liked it so much, and watched it a lot by myself, that I figured, 'Yeah, I can post this'."

We are all glad you did! Thank you, Dori!