Encouraging Friends in Your Hooping Pursuits

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on April 13, 2014 at 8:06am

I have always been a bit of a loner. It has only been in the last few years that I have felt really comfortable with making friends and maintaining relationships. When I began hooping, I was not so sure that I could get anyone else interested in it. I figured that, like everything else I do basically, I would have to enjoy this hobby entirely on my own.

I was actually wrong with that idea.

I decided to introduce a friend to hooping about a week ago. I thought that there was a good chance that she would take one look at what I was doing with it and run in the opposite direction. I do not necessarily live in an area that is very receptive to things like the flow arts, though there are a few here and there who are into it. So, there was the idea that she was going to call me a hippie and not want to talk to me again. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and I am glad that I showed her something that is special to me. She even enjoys hooping probably as much as I do! I now want to venture out there beyond my shell and show this hobby to others. I hope that they will be able to get something out of it, like I have.

Consider Each Person’s Unique Interests and Personality

If you are wanting to share hooping or anything else with a friend or acquaintance, there are some things that you should consider. It is always important to not go into it with any expectations that he or she will absolutely love it, or even that he or she will hate it. That is setting yourself up to potentially not give it your all, or get frustrated if the scenario is not what you expected.

Another thing that you should do beforehand is think about your friends likes and dislikes. If your friend is not athletic, but loves the arts, then you can focus on the more creative aspects of hooping. Just turn on some music and show off how expressive you can be, or you can make hoops to get him or her excited about the prospect of getting started. If your friend is always looking for new forms of exercise, then you can explain how it is great at helping you stay fit and feel confident about your body.

There are so many different wonderful paths that hooping can take you down. No one’s experience is the same. As long as you keep this in mind, you are sure to have a ton of fun sharing and showing off your skills and interest in a caring yet educational way.