Find Love Through Hooping: A Poem

Repost from our previous blog site - originally published on April 3, 2014 at 5:53pm

I am standing still

trying to find the calm

in this chaos of my life.

But I have come to realize

that staying in one spot

keeps me from changing, growing,

from living my life.

I fling my hoop before me,

turning it in controlled circles in one plane.

I feel the beat of my heart, the beat in the song

breaking me from my stiffness,

opening my mind, stirring my spirit.

Twirling round, lifting one leg carefully

I become one with the music.

Caught in the geometry of the hoop -

Defined, yet not constrained.

In this moment, I have made a truce with my body.

All is right, because I let the music speak through me.

I trust in the dance, in this chance,

to give in to my unbridled passion.

This love I feel is for myself,

and I share it with a few.

I am growing, and one day this colorful, big ring

will give me the courage to share my self-love with others.

Once I pick it up, I have made a vow to myself.

To shake off the doubt, the worry, the fear, the envy and sadness.

In this circle, there is room for me,

and for many possibilities.

There is no room for the negativity.

Pick one up, and find this for yourself.