Five Suggested Foods for Hoopers


I've always been pretty fascinated with health and diet. After all, you are what you eat! Everything your body does is a product of your diet. As we all know, there are certain foods which will have different effects on the body.

For example, my brother was a football player in high school. As such, there was a stereo-type that he, and all the players, had to eat plenty of RED MEAT for muscle. Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of more healthy foods that help your muscles.

People drink coffee to wake up in the morning, but, again, there are better alternatives.

Bananas have potassium, spinach has iron, but what, exactly, do these vitamins provide? What do they help your body to do? Well, I'm going to help you!


Studies on blueberries show, not only do they increase your learning capability, but also improve motor skills! Which means you can learn those tricks faster, and flow easier. Their GI (natural sugar) levels are considered reasonably low, so many diabetic hoopers can kick up their performance with these tasty little guys, too! They're wonderful for blood-sugar regulation (hence, being better on motor functions) so you can hoop like a ninja!


Avocados have been know to be another great way to regulate blood. Good blood flow means good hoop flow! They are also great for your skin; a good asset with hooping in the sun all day. Their anti-inflammatory properties can make you feel more durable against those hooping mistakes. Studies also show that avocados are very good for your eyes, so you can stay focused and sharp during a dim performance or a wicked-fast practice.


These tasty little guys are ultra-high in zinc. Zinc is an amazing vitamin, wonderful for nearly everything, but in Hoop Land, we love zinc, because it's great as a mood stabilizer; which is wonderful for hoop-teachers who need to stay engaged. Another awesome asset to pumpkin seeds is they are also rich in phytoestrogens and omega-3 fatty acids which relive joint pain and body-soreness. So whether you open up your session with pumpkin seeds, or get home from a performance, they should be a go-to snack.

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I FEGGIN LOVE EGGS! Soft boiled, hard-boiled, over easy..proteins in egg whites provide plenty of amino acids which keep your muscles healthy and strong! The entire egg holds plenty of those amino acids for our abs, obliques and the hoop-muscles we love. Some people think the egg yolks are not as healthy, but they are just as important! The yolk is rich in vitamin D which is great for your mood and your bones. The yolk might not have your entire recommended dose, but hooping in the sun will change that!


Even though maca is an additive, I had to put it on the list. When added to a yummy smoothie, or a bowl of yogurt, maca powder kicks up your energy levels for hooping! It's rich in B-vitamins which give you natural energy! It's also a hormone-balancer, so you feel extra-good about landing that new trick. Be careful though, maca powder is not recommended to pregnant women, or to people with a goiter. You should also limit the amount of maca you have because it's been known to kick up libido and fertility levels. Not to mention, too much vitamin B isn't good for your thyroid and can make you really sweaty. I've been drinking about half-a-teaspoon of maca in my smoothies about every other day, and I haven't felt any negative effects!

I hope you all enjoyed learning about these tasty foods. Happy hooping!