Four Facebook Hooping Groups that You'll Enjoy

Do you want to play a game? Change up your hoop style? Maybe try some new music or a new combo?

There are a few places you can go to get your fun flow on with some awesome games!!!

1. The Hooping Game- The group can be found here

The hooping game is a lot of fun! The premise of the game being that you have to hoop to music you normally wouldn't choose for yourself. To start a round of the game, simply make a post in the Facebook group that says "I'm in"!! From there someone will comment a song that you have to hoop to!! You have 48 hours to do so. Once you complete your challenge and post a video you get to "hit back" the person who challenged you. You choose a song for them and again they must hoop to the song within 48 hours! Be careful not to challenge too many people at once though. Depending when people respond you might find yourself making quite a few videos all at once.

2. The Flow Game- The group can be found here

If you like the idea of the hooping game but your not a hooper, this game is for you. Although you can participate with your hoop, the flow game is open to all prop spinning. The rules are still the same if you want to play, but not you get to choose what prop you use while jamming to some random songs chosen by your peers!!

3. Same Song Different Flow- This can be played in the Flow Spinistries group here

Curious what it would be like for a bunch of hoopers to hoop to the same song? Well wonder no more!! Join the group and check the pinned post for the song of the day!! Hoop to each days song and enjoy what everyone else comes up with that day!

4. I Dare you to Hoop- Join the group here

The groups description says:

"How it works: Post a dare or take a dare. You could also post and take a dare... Popular ones may be pinned posts with darer's consent.

This group is for hoopers to expand their multitasking skills... Dare each other to hoop under specific circumstances. Perhaps you can (or already did) do something epic, difficult, and/or strange-- in which case dare others to do the same! If you can remember to tag the person who made the dare in your video or photo upload that would be swell. Your dare can be somewhere, on something, near something, with something, whatever your imagination can come up with!"

Check Out these groups and have fun!!