God Created Woman - Hoop Dance Collaboration Video & Interview

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on May 21, 2015 at 1:01pm

Sheila Sumrell is the administrator of the group "You know you're addicted to hooping when...?" and she submitted her video to us to be featured.

" 'God Created Woman' is a hoop dance group collaboration performed by the members of the Facebook Group, 'You Know You're Addicted to Hooping When...?' This video is dedicated to the pioneers of the art of hoop dance and the individual woman/women of inspiration of each performer".

I interviewed Sheila about this collaboration. Here is what she had to say:

1. What inspired you to create this video?

"I would say that my biggest inspiration is the entire hooping community. Watching videos on a daily basis and viewing such creativity and talent has truly been so inspiring. In the very beginning I watched so many performances, some brought tears to my eyes. Watching the determination and perseverance of all who seem to have the same goal in mind, mastering the flow, that's a beautitul thing to view, and I have so much respect for the pioneers of this art form. It's absolutely incredible."

2. What inspired you to create your facebook group "you know you're addicted to hooping when...?"

"The biggest inspiration for starting this group was realizing that I wasn't alone in my quest to achieve to be the best I can be in this art form, and also realizing that the addiction at times can be quite hilarious, and no one understands this addiction better than those that are in this. It gave others as well as myself a place to discuss things and to share and grow."

3. How long did it take to create this video, from the time you came up with the idea until you uploaded it to YouTube?

"I would say it took two months from beginning to end to complete the video which entailed video submissions and editing. Carolyn Mabry has been my biggest source of inspiration and guidance in putting together such a project. I actually had a vision of putting together such a project and I'm so thankful to those who inspired me and guided me. My son who is a music director, has played an entremely big part in these videos. Music is everything to me. You put the right music with dance, that's a magical combination. He has an incredible ear for music and the ability to understand my vision. This one was acutally the second group video we completed. The first was "No More War". Once I realized the work that went into such a massive group collaboration, seeing the final product was very heartfelt. I'm so overwhelmed with this group and actually spend alot of time communicating with everyone. There are some amazingly talented women and men in this group that I have the utmost respect and admiration for and I believe that we all learn from each other."

4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about this video?

"This video was made in honor of those women who we admire and respect. Women who have guided us individually and collectively to the place that we are in our lives right now, and I am extremely proud of and happy to be a part of this. I would also say that this group plans to continue to make more group videos and hope that we bring smiles to the faces of those viewing."

Sheila produced and directed the video. Carolyn Mabry was the video consultant, and Sheila's son, David Heartbreak, was the musical editor. Special mention to both Jaguar Mary X and Deanne Love who were the guest performers in this video. Sheila and the group are extremely grateful to all participants and to the guest performers as well.