Hooping Tutorial: Chest Roll POP - by Alisha Donnelly

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on August 20, 2015

Here is a tutorial for popping the hoop up into the air at the end of a chest roll, by Alisha Donnelly.

Broken down with extra tips from Melissa Stockwell:

1. You must be able to do a full chest roll. Roll the hoop all the way down to your hand.

2. Hold your hand out flat, like you're holding a serving tray on the end of your arm.

3. Pop the hoop up with your fingertips. Slightly curl them in towards yourself while also elevating your hand a little bit. Curling the fingertips in helps the hoop stay on track and fall on the other side of your body. This provides an option for another chest roll if you like.

4. Practice catching the hoop paired with one of your favorite vertical moves to incorporate into your flow. I personally suggest a quick catch and a 1 handed barrel roll.