How to Build a Local Hooping Community

Featured Image Photo Credit: Katie Emmitt 

Repost from our previous blog site - originally published on March 25, 2014 at 10:58am

Are you sick of hooping alone? Do you want to build and foster a hooping community in your area? Learn how by reading the steps below.

Spreading Interest

In order to build and foster a hooping community in your area, you will need to spread interest in hula hooping, of course. The first thing you can do is get your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. interested in hooping. People who know you well are likely to: 1.) Try something new that you’ve suggested to them 2.) Support you by giving hooping a try 3.) Witness how happy hooping makes you, which, in turn, will encourage and motivate them to give it a shot. Also, be sure to educate others on the benefits of hula hooping (and not just the physical benefits, but the mental and spiritual benefits as well)!


If you’re trying to build and foster a hooping community, you are going to need hoops. One great idea is to host a “make your own hoop” night because now that you’ve built an interest, you want people to actually hoop! Having people make their own hoop gives them insight into how a hula hoop is actually made. It’s also enjoyable to others because they get to personalize and make their own hoop. In addition to making hoops, take time to show everyone a trick or two, or even basic waist hooping. This will spike their interest and curiosity even more. Make sure the tricks are at an appropriate level for beginners; you want your friends to leave the event knowing a trick or two, as well as feeling happy and confident in the hoop.


Volunteering to hoop for events is a wonderful thing to do, and it feels so good. There’s nothing better than spreading some good ole hoop love, and this will assist you in building and fostering more interest in hula hooping. Look into volunteering for non-profit organizations, school events, after school programs, nursing homes, events for kids, health events, etc. You are especially likely to get people interested in hooping if they see a huge smile on your face as you hoop! Some other places you can volunteer is your local United Way, the Relay For Life events, and fundraisers to name a few!

Start a Hoop Jam

Starting a hoop jam is huge part of building and fostering a hoop community. Learn how to start a hoop jam in your area by checking out my article entitled, “How to Start a Local Hoop Jam.”

Teach Classes/Give Lessons

Teaching hoop classes and/or giving lessons will allow other hoopers to continuously learn and grow. As they learn and grow, they will, hopefully, get others interested in hooping as well. Then, the hoop love spreads and grows! Check out our article on how to start teaching a class here: