"I Don't Have Time for Hooping"... Or Do You?

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Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on July 30, 2015 at 4:30pm

Often times, I see posts or hear comments from busy people frustrated that they don't have the time for hooping. Many people say they would love to start hooping but just don't have the time. I have even seen people quit simply because they felt they didn't have enough time to practice. Life can be crazy and finding extra time may feel impossible. In a society that values you based on how much of your life you spend working and slaving away for money and survival, it can be really frustrating and discouraging. 

However, I see hoopers with full time jobs and several children find all kinds of time for hooping! It depends on your motivation and your time management skills! 

With these steps, I hope you can find some extra time in your week to set aside for hooping. Your body and mind will thank you.

1. Incorporate Hoops Into Your Plans

My friends and I took our hoops while on a trip to Freedom Falls in Pennsylvania.
My friends and I took our hoops while on a trip to Freedom Falls in Pennsylvania.


Are you busy going out with friends, attending graduation parties, weddings, or other events for friends and family? Find out if any of these events would allow space and time for hooping. Many hoopers aren't shy about taking their hoops everywhere they go, and some even insist on it. I know some of you may not feel comfortable with it, but you may need to go out of your comfort zone if you're struggling to find time for this healthy activity. Most reasonable people don't mind that you brought your hoops along. Free entertainment right?

2. Make A Time Chart

Start time will be when you normally get out of bed, and end time will be when you normally go to bed. Be as honest and realistic as possible. You are almost guaranteed to find that you have more time than you thought you had. You can find where you can sacrifice or adjust to find time to hoop. Hooping is a very relaxing activity, so if you do have the energy, you can count hooping as part of your relaxation time. You can also ask your kids to hoop with you as part of their daily playtime. In this example, the free time is found between dinner and bed time.

time chart


no wifi

So many times I see people posting and commenting and seeming to spend all kinds of hours online, but somehow they can't find the time to practice. Maybe getting off of the internet and into your hoop is the best thing for you. Spending some time reading about hooping, getting some advice and watching tutorials is fine if you're acting on it right afterwards. That time is only well-spent if you end up using the things you learned. Even if you have no clue what you are doing, it is time better spent than reading all of the hoop drama or keeping up with other random, often useless things you find online.

4. Sleeping Enough?


If you are sleeping 8-10 hours a night, would you be suffering to lose one hour of that sleep to gain an hour more of your day? I personally love sleep, and its a close second to hooping as my favorite things to do. Ever since I was a child, I have been a fan of lots of sleep. I need to sleep 9-11 hours a night in order to function normally. I am lucky enough that my lifestyle and career allows for that. However, I often get angry with myself that I could be spending that extra hour or two being productive and practicing. 

5. Quit Smoking


I know that many hoopers are health-conscious and would not consider smoking. However, a lot of hoopers do smoke. Usually, smoking one cigarette takes about 5-10 minutes. For this example, we could just call it 7 minutes. Multiply that by a pack a day at 20 cigarettes per pack. 7 minutes per cigarette times 20 cigarettes per day = 140 minutes. Divide that by 60 (minutes per hour), and you are losing over two hours of each day just smoking cigarettes. If you can't bring yourself to quit, just cut it down by at least half the number. Get some of your time back, and help your health at the same time.

You CAN find the time for hooping. Its a matter of priorities and what you're willing to sacrifice to make sure you get the time you need. If you're trying to lose weight or trying to reach a high skill level in a short period of time, you will want to find even more time in your week than others. Talk to hoopers you know that are working often and also caring for children or balancing other tasks that take up time. Find out how they find time.

What advice do YOU have for hoopers that struggle to find time for their hooping practice? Join the discussion. Comment on our website or on social media shares.