I'm Fire Hooping and I'm Freakin' Out!

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on May 11, 2015 at 10:31am

You've been hooping for quite awhile now. Your skills have progressed and your confidence has grown. You are considering taking it to the next level. When a friend suggests you get a fire hoop, your eyes light up. But the thought is also quite terrifying. Hooping with fire. Fire hooping. Wait. FIRE. As exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping as fire hooping can be, the first time can bring about some serious, and hilarious thoughts.

Thoughts such as-

1. "I'M REALLY DOING IT! Wait...is everything I'm wearing fire safe? I double checked, didn't I? Is my hair coming out of my hat?!?"

Yes, you are really doing it! You're smart, you checked all your clothes before. Your hair is secured! Hoop on, sista.


Photo of Samantha Hoopleseed Rodgers

2. "I'm really glad this lake is behind me in case I catch on fire!"

You won't catch on fire!!! But the lake is a good precaution.


Photo of Amy Greenley from the STL Spinjas by Michael Connon

3. "There is fire everywhere! It's going to touch me and burn me!!"

Your flames will flicker as they fly, and they may brush you a few times. It doesn't hurt! Just keep going.


Photo of Jackie Katarzyna Gajda by Kate Johnstone

4. "Oooh it's so pretty. I'm a fire unicorn!"

Yes. Yes you are.


Photo of Benjamin Berry

5. "Please don't set my costume on fire!!!"

You won't! You've got this! Bet Towlie wouldn't mind if you helped spark him up, though.


Photo of Lauren Louise Tompkins

6. "This isn't too different from regular hooping!"

It really isn't! Practicing before you light your wicks can help you realize this without fear.


Photo of Melissa Daly

7. "I could really do some damage with this."

This is true. But, you know to hoop in safe places and spaces, and your skills are just too good.


Photo of Sara Bohnert from the STL Spinjas

8. "There is literally fire all around me!!!"

You got that right! And you look great, so keep on rocking it.


Photo of Brandon Huston from The Spinsterz

No matter what thoughts may be running through your head as you fire hoop for the first time, or are even just considering it, know that practice makes perfect and you won't be afraid if you just keep going!