LED Hoops: Choosing Between HDPE and Polypro

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Pros of HDPE:

  • HDPE can take harder impacts better than Polypro which makes it more durable and less prone to cracking or breaking
  • Because HDPE tubing is less prone to breaking than polypro, it protects the “insides” (LED’s, circuit board, wires, etc.) more so than polypro.

Cons of HDPE:

  • Slightly heavier than polypro
  • Harder/stiffer/more rigid than polypro
  • Kinks/bends easily when it gets too warm

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Pros of Polypro:

  • Slightly lighter than HDPE
  • More flexible and more responsive (bouncy) than HDPE
  • More see-through for sharper LED visibility

Cons of Polypro:

  • Polypro tubing is prone to cracking or shattering in very cold temperatures
  • Because polypro tubing isn’t as hard as HDPE tubing, the “insides” of the hoop aren’t as protected, making it less durable

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Additional Information:

  • The weight difference between a polypro LED hoop and an HDPE LED hoop of the same size is only about .5-1 ounce. It is barely noticeable in LED form.
  • Polypro tubing is clearer and more transparent than HDPE, which means you can see the individual LED’s more and sharper patterns. Whereas, HDPE tubing, which is a milky-white color, diffuses the light from the LED’s, making thicker, more blended streams of light. This makes it easier to see the inside components of the hoop (such as wires and batteries)
  • There is no brightness difference between polypro and HDPE LED hoops

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