My Hooping Skills Learning Style

Repost from our previous blog site - originally published on March 26, 2014 at 8:11pm

If you are someone who is casual about hooping, and you avoid the technical side of it (learning and practicing a whole list of tricks), then you are probably like me. I am the type who started out excited to learn as much as possible. Seven months later, I am still very excited to spin, but I quickly adopted the attitude that I just wanted to “jam out” to music and dance instead. Rarely do I get into any actual sense of flow, but I have found it on a few occasions and it is amazing!

I have watched some tutorial videos from a few of my favorite hoopers such as gemgen101, Deonna Love, and Katie Emmitt, among others. However, I did not follow along with them as they performed these tricks, and I like to think that I have picked up some of them by accident. I am a big procrastinator by nature, and I have no problem taking the slow route when it comes to hooping. After all, it’s more about the journey, and I’m having an awesome time.

I know that I probably will never be a super-whiz technical genius hooper. I’m not trying to be one, either. I am learning this just the way that I do everything else - with an understanding of the basics, and doing research and figuring things out for myself. I am coming into my own style, and that is teaching me SO MUCH about myself, as well as giving me oodles of confidence in myself.

I want to be fully comfortable in my dancing and hooping style, and then move on to learning the advanced tricks. It is becoming very natural for me, so I hope that the fear and doubt that I have in my abilities to learn them will melt away. I’ve always been on the un-coordinated side, but with my long held love of dance and determination to take part in this fun activity, I have moved past it and found my own grace.

I’m curious what your style of learning has been so far. Are you more of a casual spinner, or do you try to rack up all of the tricks that you can?