Progress Through Practice and Play: My Four Year Hoop Journey

I am honored and excited to share this video with all of you. This is my story--my hooping journey over the past four years (my hoopiversary is coming up next month). This video means so much to me that I can barely even put it into words. When I first picked up a hoop, I was totally into it, and I was super excited; however, I assumed it would be like any other hobby that loses its novelty after a while. After four years I'm glad to say that hooping has actually remained the one constant in my life. As you can see in this video, my body/weight changed, my hairstyles changed (yes, I even had dreads for a short period of time), my hooping locations changed (I've moved a few times over these past four years, and it's fun to see my old house in my hooping vids)....but through these many changes, hooping has been my solid place. It grounds me.

My main goal in creating this video was to show that through practice and play comes progress. Never give up; test the limits; and most importantly, have fun! This video also shows how important and how exciting it can be to record your individual hoop journey so that you can go back and truly see how much progress you've made over time. It's amazing, and such a good feeling! And it goes to show that everyone starts as a beginner. Progress comes through time, practice, patience, and play.