Pros and Cons of Gaffer Tape for Hoop Grip

Hoop makers and experienced hoopers may know gaffer tape quite well. This is an article for anyone who is not familiar with gaffer tape, also known as spike tape, for grip on your hoops. Hopefully this will help you decide whether or not to get this kind of grip tape for your hoop when you order one. 

PHOTO CREDIT: CIRCLESOFJOY.COM - Caroleeena's Circles of Joy


1. It serves it's purpose for grip.

It sticks to skin, jeans and a couple of other materials nicely. It doesn't work as well when used wearing satin or silky materials. 

2. Lots of different fun colors to choose from

Some places have a large variety of colors that you can get. My favorites are the neon yellow, orange, green and pink. You can even get a grip tape to match the color of your hoop! Whether you have a white HDPE hoop or you have a hot pink colored hoop, you can choose based on your hoop color. 

3. Fun design options for hoops

You can use criss-crossing, layering or other effects for neat looking designs. See photo.

4. Multi-Purpose

You can stick it on other items around the house that need more grip. I have used gaffer tape on all kinds of things that I have found to be too slippery. Some examples are the back of my cell phone, remote controls and nail clippers. Refer to the list of cons first before applying it to your household items, specifically #1. 

5. Easy to Apply

It is easy to apply and maneuver the tape to apply it. It is made of fabric and adhesive so it is flexible and soft.



1. Nightmare To Remove

If you don't remove your tape within a year or two, the adhesive starts to melt on to the hoop, which becomes a nightmare and very difficult to remove. Part of it turns into a yellowish white powdery substance and makes dust when you remove it, while the rest of the hardened adhesive has been left behind on the hoop.

2. Falls Apart

After a while of use, your tape will start to fray and produce these annoying little strings at the edges. You'll either have to cut them off, pull them off, or remove all of the tape to put new tape on. Those little buggers get really irritating sometimes! 

3. Unreliable Quality

Sometimes it doesn't stick to the hoops very well and comes right off. If you are applying the tape yourself, make sure your hoop is very clean and dry, and make sure your hands aren't oily or anything before applying the tape, and make sure you don't apply it tight or stretch the tape as you apply it. Even if you do this, sometimes the tape adhesive is a bad batch and won't stick very well no matter what you do. 

Sometimes you get a discontinued line of tape which is cut off and begins at another point, too. This is a manufacturer defect that we all just have to deal with. 

4. Expensive

Although you only need one line running on the inside of your hoop, it can still be expensive to buy this type of tape. Especially if you are a hoop maker and need to buy in bulk. 

Other Grip Options:

If you've decided you do not want to use this type of tape, you have other options. First, there is 3M grip tape. It is VERY grippy, comes in several colors, but it is also expensive and may cause tape burns if you catch your hoop the wrong way going fast. Second, there is sanding. You can use sand paper to make your hoop grip better. Use a medium to thick grit and decide if you would like to sand the whole hoop or just the inside rim. Lastly, you can buy hoop wax for grip. Many people are selling them now, and you can choose scented, glittery, or other options for it. 

I still find 1/4" gaffer tape to be my primary and favorite choice of grip for hoops. 

What are your thoughts on gaffer tape? What things do you feel are positive and negative about this tape? Join the conversation! 

No matter what kind of grip you choose for your hoops, happy hooping!