Store Bought Toy Hula Hoops: Advantages & Disadvantages

Originally posted February, 2014 on our previous site, 


1. Low price (about $5 to $10 each)

2. Easy access during most of the warm season. You can just get to the store and buy one.

3. No waiting for your hoop order to be made or to be shipped

4. When they break, you won’t lose a lot of money

5. They are good for tosses, some tricks, and isolations (the hoops without water).


generic brand mass manufactured hula hoops break easily
Kids hula hoops from the stores break easily.

1. For the most part, they are made for children. Allow me to explain why: In terms of on-body moves, they are usually too small and too light for the average adult or teen to learn with. They are not actually ideal for children to learn with either. Many children benefit from trying bigger, heavier hoops. They are especially not recommended for learning shoulder and chest hooping. A large, heavy adult hoop is much more useful for that.

2. They are probably going to break quickly while learning new things (example: learning the kick-start has been known to kill a few $5 hoops). Doing breaks will likely kill these hoops as well.

3. They won’t have grip tape on them and they will be slippery. You will end up dropping them and finding it hard to use.

4. Some of them contain water which makes learning certain moves almost impossible due to the imbalance of shifting weight.

5. Store bought hoops support greedy companies. When you purchase hand-made hoops, you are typically supporting creative, artistic individuals that need the money. You are not supporting big corporations that sell mass-produced hula hoops for profit. Do your research and be sure the company you order from is reliable and has a good reputation.

In conclusion, it is often a good idea to go with the hoops that will last you a while and provide the most benefits. All hoopers know that it all begins with the perfect hoop for your body! It is okay to have a mix of department store hoops and hand-made hoops. However, if you only own the cheapo store toy hoops, your progress is probably going to suffer greatly.

Ashley M. Garcia happily using her hand-made beginner hoop she bought from