The Value of Hooping and Hoop Dance Instructors

"No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals." - Brian Tracy

If it weren't for the experienced instructors I have had the pleasure to talk to, I wouldn't have known where to begin. I probably would have given up by now. They keep me strong when I feel discouraged. They keep my head on straight and help me focus. I've been teaching for almost 2 years now, and they are always there to help me. I wanted to share with everyone just how special hoop instructors are.

I participated in an enjoyable conversation inside the "Hoopdance Teachers" facebook group. I got some really powerful quotes from some of them. Here is what they have to say about being an instructor:

Kim Patty

kim patty

My take on it is that people need to move to be happy and healthy, in whatever way that is. I like hoop dancing because of the ability I have to find rhythm in my body and hoop at the same time. As I have discovered this "rhythmic movement" I also discovered that I was working muscles throughout my body and that my heart rate increased. In my book, that would be considered a viable and healthy way to exercise. That's why I spend every day finding new ways to bring fitness to people who might not have opened the doorways of a gym and make body movement FUN, whether it is in a hoop or not."

Shaunna Atkins

shaunna atkins

“I tell every class I teach: we learn to love ourselves with our hoops. It's one of the few things we actually allow to touch each part of our body that we want to change. It has touched our belly, our hips, our butts, and our thighs. We learn to move these parts individually and together and to love how they work. We work these parts out and we work out how to love our bodies... All with our plastic circle.”

Benedicte Rasch

Mad Moonrise in Oslo, Norway.
Benedicte Rasch teaches hoopdance at her business called Mad Moonrise in Oslo, Norway.

“I want everyone to know that teaching hoop dance is (for me, at least) a result of an urge to share something of value and make a difference in peoples’ lives. Most of us could probably make more money if we focused solely on show-business, but we really want to give people a first-hand experience with hoop dance, not only the second-hand experience they get when they watch us on a stage”

Carolyn Mabry


"The benefits of taking a class are huge - a regular practice, community, a space conducive to hooping, introduction to new music, and lots more. The biggest benefits to working with a teacher and being in their presence are: individualized coaching feedback, cheerleading, and mentoring. On top of that, you not only learn from the teacher but from everyone around you. Also, group activities are fun, collaborative, and uniquely creative."

Jan Henry

Jan Henry

"I became a trainer first, then added hooping. I picked it up as a way to reach groups of people versus one at a time. Since then, it's taken on a life of its own and made me a better trainer. It makes my life complete to make a sustainable living off my passion. Work life doesn't have to be drudgery. The luckiest people are the ones who can support themselves doing what sings for them. I haven't ‘worked’ a day since I quit my desk job a decade ago, because I'm following what I'm meant to do in service of others who need me, and earning a living along with it"

My Views on Teaching:

yeahfinal (2)

The reason that I love teaching hooping is being able to affect people in a positive way. I am never happier than when I am with people. It is most rewarding to change lives, make people happy, and increase their quality of life by helping to make their minds and bodies healthier. I enjoy being able to give people the power to love themselves and be proud of what they have accomplished. I love watching my students understand, appreciate, and apply concepts from my classes. I make sure to point out their strengths and I love being their cheerleader. I am proud of every single one of them.

A Positive Ripple Effect

The people that choose to teach hoop dance are beautiful, meaningful, and selfless individuals. Instructors create a ripple effect of positive energy that affects anyone who watches their students practice what they learn. Every new hooper will inspire and create other new hoopers. The love continues to grow and swell. It all starts with instructors.

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