Too Nervous to Attend a Hooping Class? Read This!

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As an instructor, I want to help ease your anxiety about taking part in a hooping class. I have talked to a few people now that have some hesitation about trying something new in front of other people. I want to console and comfort everyone who has experience with these feelings. I promise to you it is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, you may soon feel pure EXCITEMENT and PASSION for this new adventure in your life!

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1. Every Student Has Felt Nervous

Even the students that seem 100% confident and comfortable have been nervous about their hooping, their bodies, and their skills. Some people are pretty naturally confident but you don't usually see any internal struggles they have. You notice those that succeed because they push through their discomfort and allow their passion to carry them along. Just because you see others doing great things does not mean they don't experience anxiety, self-consciousness, or low self-esteem. It is all about how you allow your mind to control your actions. Your mind is more powerful than you give it credit for. Use it to become what you have always wanted to be!

2. No Drops = No Effort

You may be scared to mess up when there are others in the classroom. However, It is a known fact in the hooping world that if you don't drop your hoop and mess up, you're not trying. Drops of the hoop are a glorious sound to an instructor! There is not a more beautiful thing than seeing others try just as hard as they can and pouring their heart into what they are doing.

Name any hooper with any skill level and THEY also drop their hoops. Even to this day!

3. Higher Self-Esteem

Photo Credit: Katie Emmitt
Photo Credit: Katie Emmitt

At a hoop class, you're never alone and you will always have people that want to build your confidence up! As soon as you learn something new, we will always be happy for you! I always do a happy dance for others! I actually don't enjoy hooping alone much at all because there aren't people to help me celebrate my accomplishments and laugh with me while I learn. Another bonus: Watching the other students will help you get ideas and revelations about how things are done and how the moves work. Draw inspiration from those around you.

The first step to experiencing a boost in self-esteem from hoop class is to actually go to the class and participate.

4. Anti-Bullying

Hooping and bullies don't go together. True, genuine hoopers live to support others. Real hoopers NEVER bully or put others down. If anyone is ever being disrespectful, inappropriate, or bullying another in a class, any instructor will shut them down immediately. Some might simply throw them out of class and never allow them to return. I have personally NEVER experienced this in any of my classes over the years and I don't expect it to ever happen.

There is no room for anything but love in a hooping classroom. Trust the wonderful people you will meet at hoop class. They will always have your back (inside and outside of hoop class).

5. Unity and Equality

Photo Credit: Katie Emmitt
Photo Credit: Katie Emmitt

Hooping revolves around equality, unity, and fairness. Everyone is capable of anything and no one is going to be left out. Even though some classes will include many different skill levels, instructors will always be sure to pay equal attention to beginners as they treat intermediate level students. The chances are that there will be more beginners in a class than other skill levels. We are all humans and we are all equal. Don't forget that! Treat yourself and credit yourself the same way you would like others to do for you.

6. No Judgement

I can guarantee that no one is judging you as much as you are judging yourself. Learning something new is already hard enough without adding the burden of self-judgement and negative thinking. When I say no judgement, I am not only referring to how people think about each other. I am reminding you that judging yourself is something you MUST leave at the door when you walk in. Embrace this new adventure as if it were a ladder that leads to the perfect place. One step at a time, focusing on each step as you make it, and do not look back. Create results, not barriers.

7. Plenty of Time


I hear it all the time from people: "I can't do that". The funny thing is that when you say you can't do something, you are basically saying your life is over and you will never be able to try again. That is giving up and leaving no hope for your future. Don't decide that your time has run out. There is plenty of time!

The more accurate way to say the same thing is "I can't do this YET." Realistically, saying "I can't" is the same as saying "I refuse to try". If you add YET to the end, you are leaving hope for yourself and your future! Saying "I can't do it YET" means you are really saying "I will be able to do it eventually".

Final Points

Most (if not all) of the nervousness and anxiety you're feeling is totally controllable. This is because it is all coming from your mind and you have control over your mind. Your mind is the only mind that you can control on this planet. Use your ability. Focus on how happy you see others are when they are hooping.

If any of this doesn't make sense, read it again and really try to open your mind.

REMEMBER "The expert at anything was once a beginner"