Twin Hoop Tutorial: Extensions, Anti-Spins and Variations

A tutorial on a variety of double hoop skills to open the door to many new skills. This tutorial is brought to you by Mike Lisse. He says: "A brief introduction to extensions and anti-spins, with a couple of patterns to play with. Extensions are a fundamental concept that lead to a huge variety of really pretty patterns and illusions."

My added tips:

With the twin hoop anti-spins, there are three options. One with the hoops spinning in opposite directions, one with the hoops both spinning forward, and one with the hoops both spinning backwards. Begin by practicing the options with both hoops spinning in the same direction.

To do the option with them spinning opposite directions, you can choose to do a 3 petal anti-spin flower or a 4 petal anti-spin flower. 3 petal is like a triangle, 4 petal is a square shape. The petals are where your hands stop moving for a brief moment.

Practice with each hand separately and then practice trying them together. Make sure you're very comfortable doing anti-spins to your side on both your left and right hand before combining them.