Two Hot Spots for Flow Artists in Thailand

Holidaying in Thailand? Sweet. You’ll love it. I’ve been living in Thailand for quite some time and I have two excellent locations for you to visit. These two spots have incredible views and vibes that you’ll surely dig. And as soon as you realize the flow community, including hoops of course, you’ll fall in love. Grab your hoops and whatever other flow toy you want...You’re off to Thailand!


Get up north to the beautiful mountains. Breathe in some fresh air, visit a few waterfalls, and then bust the hoop out! Pai is a chill town that will be vibing on the hippy wavelengths. Besides bringing your hoops anywhere you want, as usual, you’re also going to want to check out the Pai Circus School.

Pai Circus School
                        Pai Circus School

There’s plenty of other flow friends to chill out with here. Poi, staff, slack line and a wealth of other toys are here to play with, along with a couple of hoops. I often found myself teaching random travelers some hoop moves and I hope to have inspired a few to go through with it as a new hobby.

Did I mention the circus school has an infinity pool, hammocks, beers, and an epic view of Pai? Yeah…

The whole town is accepting though, so don't feel weird bringing your hoop places.

                                                 Pai Canyon, don't drop your hoop off the ledge!

Railay and Tonsai

Ah, these two spots are my little beachy havens. If I could slap the cute town of Pai on these beaches, I’d never leave. I’m a beach bum at heart, being from Florida, so it’s only natural that I’d often find myself chilling at the beaches of Railay and Tonsai during my time living in Krabi.

flow fun in Krabi - Tonsai Beach
                               flow fun in Krabi - Tonsai Beach

Both have a fun scene, but Tonsai is my preference. It’s like Pai in a sense that it’s super chill, but Tonsai is even more so and much smaller. As in, there are only dirt walking paths. This spot is so cool, and is full of avid rock climbers. Be sure to visit Sunset Bar and see the amazing individual who slacklines as he uses a fire staff or fire poi. He is mindblowing. Be sure to have a go on the poi after a drink, it’s OK. Nobody will laugh. (sans the fire of course)

While there isn’t a circus school, most bars have flow equipment to play with, and you’re sure to run into really cool people here. I’ve always ended up running into hoopers. This is the vibe that’s in Tonsai. Flowing on these beaches with be life changing.

If you want more information on these two spots, feel free to check my travel resource website.

I hope your trip is amazing and feel free to let me know if you have questions about traveling to Thailand!