What to Do with Your Unwanted or Broken Hoops

hula hoop rug

Do you have some hoops that are not in use? I know, it’s a silly question. Sometimes it does happen, though. If you have hoops that you’ve outgrown or have gotten damaged in some way, give them new life! There are so many things that you can do to upcycle your beloved plastic circles. The following are some ideas to get you started, but of course the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can create!

Make a Decorative Rug

If you would like a rug to place in the middle of a bedroom or in your front hallway, this is a great idea for you. Use a basic hula hoop ring, some yarn or old cut-up t-shirts to make a sweet circular rug that will impress your family and friends. This is a hack that will save you a lot of money, because these types of rugs can cost you a lot in specialty shops. Check out a tutorial that you can find through craft blogs or design your own pattern if you’re experience with this kind of thing.

family fun hula hoop rug

Fashion a Holiday Wreath

A holiday wreath made by Melissa Stockwell out of a mini hoop, some ribbons, and bows!
A holiday wreath made by Melissa Stockwell out of a mini hoop, some ribbons, and bows!

You can turn a hoop into a wreath for Christmas, any holiday, or just because. It helps if it is a mini hoop, though you can use a larger one to make a wreath for a wall that has plenty of space. Use real or artificial evergreen branches for a traditional style. You might opt for something that is more out of the ordinary, such as a multi-colored wreath out of crumpled tissue paper, glitter, and funky bows. You even can upcycle other items in your project, such as fabrics from clothes you no longer wear. Cut them into small strips and knot them onto your hoop to create a festive or fun look.

Experiment with Creating the Perfect Dreamcatcher

Do you simply adore dreamcatchers? They can just be a beautiful addition to any room, or you may attach a more spiritual significance to them. Either way, a hoop makes an ideal base for making a dreamcatcher to hang above your bed. Some common items to use in them include feathers, beads, gemstones/crystals, and of course yarn or hemp thread. Your sacred circle will take on another important role in your life - protecting you from having nightmares!


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Inspiring Artwork

There is one amazing artist who is creating a vision of peace using hula hoops. Jemima Wyman of Australia has weaved pieces of camo and hunting clothing into a type of sculpture. Her goal in this was to transform these items that are associated with war and violence into something associated with peace and comfort. There are many individuals who have made stunning artwork with hoops included.

The above ideas are only a few of the things that are possible with your old hoops. Do some investigating and make something practical, decorative or fun today!

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