Fire Meteor Made from Oval Chain, Rope and Kevlar

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Fire Meteor Made from Oval Chain, Rope and Kevlar 

Fire Meteors gives you the ability to do both poi and staff style moves. Meteors are very much like poi except that there is rope connecting each "poi" together. The Fire Meteor is made of 1/4" soft black synthetic rope, with a ball-bearing swivel attached to each head at the end of the chain. The fire attachment is a MoonBlaze head.


The fire heads are detachable, allowing for other styles to be tried, or for practice heads to be attached. Weighted Practice Poi heads make for excellent heads for practicing with your meteor.

The most common length for fire meteors is 6’6”. This is also the length that your meteors will be when you place your order.

Meteors are also often referred to as Meteor Hammers.


Moonblaze Head Sizes

  • Small Wick = 2"
  • Medium Wick = 3"
  • Large Wick = 4"
Additional Info

Additional Info