3/4" Furious Fuchsia Polypro Hula Hoop Tubing

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Furious Fuchsia polypro hoop tubing is freaking BEAUTIFUL! Its a poppy bright fuchsia that is seriouslly bright. 

With every roll of tubing you purchase from us, you also get the following FREE OF CHARGE!

  • 10 Polycarbonate connectors
  • 10 Snap buttons
  • 10 Rivets

Now that's a screaming deal that will save you lots of money and time making your own connectors! ❤︎ The Spinsters Loves you ❤︎


The next generation of Polypro Hoop Tubing is here and it's the better than ANYTHING on the market right now! I know that is a real big claim and I'm sure you are wondering why The Spinsterz Polypro is any different from the rest. I'd love to tell you ALL about it and why getting your hoop tubing from us is the best choice you could make for the future of hooping and the future of planet earth. 

Consistency of Size


Currently the tubing that is available will have a tolerance of +/- 0.010" in regards to the inside diameter (where you insert your connector.) This wouldn't seem like much, but let me tell you that it IS and if you have ever gotten rolls of tubing that last week worked perfectly, but this week the ID has changed and your connectors no longer fit, it is VERY FRUSTRATING. 

The tubing we are producing has a much tighter tolerance which means that the ID is going to be consistent on EVERY roll we produce and that your connectors will fit EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! The connectors I am referring to are polycarbonate connectors that you can get from us or directly from our source, US Plastics. 


Full Circle Recycling


We take a percentage of all of our revenue from hoop tubing sales and put it back into a program that recycles polypro tubing! Yup, you know all those pieces of tubing you end up with that you have tried to use for countless craft projects and now they are just sitting around and you feel guilty when you just throw them away? Now you can feel even better about making hoops and recycle them! We PAY for you to ship us your plastic and we will recycle it for you! Read more about our Full Circle Recycling program and how you can help make the earth a greener planet. 

Your Benefits

  • FREE Hoop Building Supplies (Connectors, Snap Buttons & Rivets)
  • 100' in length
  • Polypropylene tubing
  • This listing is for 3/4" OD
  • Large coil size so making hoops is a breeze!
  • Ships in 48 hours or less
  • All tubing is extruded to a very fine degree of consistency, so your connectors will always fit. 


Looking for more than a few coils? Check out our wholesale pricing. 




Additional Info

Additional Info