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hula hoop tubing

There are many types of hula hoop tubing available and they are all measured and rated slightly different from one another, making choosing tubing somewhat of a challenge.


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We will do our best to make clear the differences in hoop tubing.


Common Types of Tubings (U.S.)



Polyethylene (PE)


PE is the plastic used to make the classic black tubing found at Lowes & other hardware stores.  Some people get it from different places, but no matter where you get it, it seems to be the most easily obtainable tubing around, as it is commonly used for irrigation.  We currently offer black PE hoops or firehoops, in 100 & 100 PSI. We also offer Quick Wicks® that can be used with PE hoops.  Here are three typical kinds of PE tubing:


  •  1/2"  125psi :  The Inside Diameter is actually 5/8", but it is called 1/2", similar to how 2 x 4's aren't actually 2 by 4 inches.  The OD is approximately 3/4"


  •  3/4"  100psi :  Also not really 3/4" ID, actually closer to 7/8" ID.  The OD is slightly under 1"


  •  3/4"  160psi :  The ID is the same as 100psi, however the OD is slightly larger at about 1".  The higher pressure rating of 160psi means that the tubing walls are thicker, making this the heaviest choice.  Because of this heavier weight, 160psi hoops are not recommended for quick wicks, although they will fit on this tubing.



High-Density Polyethylene  (HDPE)


This type of tubing is not commonly found in hardware stores.  If you get 3/4" HDPE, it will have an actual inside diameter of 3/4".  The HDPE we offer is un-colored or "Natural" which is white in color.  We offer 7/8" O.D. HDPE hoops and firehoops, which have  3/4" I.D. , as well as Quick Wicks® to fit these size hoops.  The 7/8" HDPE hoop sizes go up to 36".  This tubing is lighter and more rigid than LDPE.  If you use 3/4" 100psi PE tubing for your regular hoops, 7/8" HDPE would be a great tubing for your firehoop, as the added weight of the wicks will balance the lighter weight of the tubing.


Polypropylene  (PP)


"Polypro" has become many hooper's favorite tubing because it is super light and very rigid, offering quick, tight & articulate response.  Its not yo-mama's cadillac cruiser.  We offer 5/8" Polypro (3/4" OD) hoops and firehoops, as well as Quick Wicks® that fit this 3/4" OD size.  Un-colored, it is a milky-white, translucent & semi-clear tubing,  we offer several awesome colors for both regular polypro hoops and polypro firehoops.  PP firehoop sizes greater than around 36" become more flimsy and the flex may increase the chance of cracking.  For strength at the greater sizes, we suggest a thicker tubing like 3/4" HDPE.