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New Students


So your interested in becoming a student at the Bend Circus Center?

We have a class for you that will put a great big smile on your face. We have classes for kids and adults age 6 - 106! If you have no idea what you might like to do, I would suggest our Intro to Circus Arts.


Into to Circus 6 week drop in series 

This introductory class series features a variety of the physical and mental disciplines involved in the circus arts. The class is 1 hour per week for 6 weeks and an excellent opportunity for you to test drive a variety of circus skills.


New Aerial Students


Our Aerial arts classes are also a very popular choice. We currently offer classes in aerial silks, lyra and trapeze. We have classes that are focused in one discipline or others where you can try out a variety of apparatus's in one single class. Below is some info you should know before coming to an aerial class. 


Fitness Level As a new student you should know that learning aerial is physically challenging, but just about everyone can do it. You don't need to do a pullup to do aerial, it's not all about strength! You don't have to be the fittest one in the gym to be able to climb a silk or rope, it's about technique. Our aerial instructors will work with you no matter what your size or build.


Clothing and Jewelry Wear form fitting clothes, like something you would wear to work out or do yoga in. We suggest a pair of tights/leggings and form fitting shorts or fitted yoga pants that aren’t too loose around the ankle and a form fitting tank, workout top, or leotard. Clothes that are too baggy can get caught on the equipment. No zippers or jewelry on the equipment as these can get caught.....and trust us, you won't like it!

1st Visit If this will be your first visit, please arrive 10 minutes early so we can get the paperwork out of the way.


Student Safety Guidelines

  • Students under no circumstances will be permitted to participate in any drop in or series classes if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Students must inform the instructor of any injury or illness that may cause the student or anyone else harm.
  • Students are not allowed on the aerial equipment without a proper safety mat underneath them.
  • During class, students are not allowed to teach other students tricks or moves that have not been taught at this studio.
  • Students are expected to listen to their own bodies and not to perform any movements if they are not feeling up to the challenge. Rest, drink water and pay attention to your own body.