Rachael Lust Signature Hoop

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Rachael Lust Signature Hoop

Rachael Lust, the queen of breaks, now has her own hoop and it's awesome for breaks, wedgies and hardcore fast hoopers with an aggressive style. It's also a wonderful hoop to have in your quiver, because you will never have to worry about breaking your connector! 

What sets this hoop apart from the rest is that it uses a custom Carbon Fiber connection system which means it's damn near bullet proof! The weak spot on most hoops is the connector, whether its polycarbonate or polypro, it's probably going to break at some point if you start doing a lot of break and wedgies or getting REAL aggressive with your hoop. The carbon fiber connector solves this problem and gives you worry free hooping. 


  • Choice of Color
  • Polypro Tubing
  • UV Hoops glow under blacklight
  • Your Choice of Diameter
  • Your Choice of Grip - Bare, 1 Racing Stripe, 2, Racing Stripes, 3 Racing Stripes or Grippy Gaffer Tape. 
  • Available in 3/4" OD
  • Super strong Carbon Fiber Connector
  • Signed by Rachael Lust! (it's just a sticker and can be removed with ease)
  • Ships in 48 Hours!!!!!! 


★ Help With Ordering ★

1. Select your prefered size (diameter) of hoop. We measure from outside edge of the hoop.
2. Select style of Grip. Look at the image of the Grip Styles for reference on what they are.
3. Tell us if you want 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD 
4. Grippy Gaffer Tape - If you choose a color we will put a 1/2" strip of grippy gaffer tape on the inside surface of your hoop. 


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