Technicolor Dream Hoop

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4 Section Technicolor Dream Hoop

A hoop that breaks into 4 sections that you can swap out as many different colors of tubing as you like! How many combinations can you come up with?


  • 1 hoop = $44.95
  • 2 hoops or 8 colors = 15% OFF
  • 3 hoops or 12 colors = 25% OFF
  • 4 hoops or 16 colors = 35% OFF

Get all 17 colors!

If you want all 17 colors, please check out our Sarah Strei Pro Model!

Your Benefits

  • Your Choice of Size
  • Choose as many colors as you like, mix and match!
  • Your choice of 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD Tubing
  • Hoop Breaks Down Into 4 Identical Sized Pieces
  • Your Choice of color of Grippy Gaffer Tape. 
  • Super Light & Strong Polycarbonate Connectors With Aluminum Push Buttons
  • Ships in 48 Hours or less!!!!!


One of the totally AWESOME things about our line of Travel Hoops is that each section is precision manufactured so that any section will fit with another of the same tubing size. You can also mix and match colors and connect any 4 section hoop pieces together.

This hoop does not give up any of its functionality by being a "travel hoop"; instead, each section of the hoop is made from super impact-resistant polycarbonate connectors that fit snugly and give your hoop a nice strong and springy action.


Help With Ordering

  1. Select your prefered size (diameter) of hoop. We measure from outside edge of the hoop. 
  2. Select the tubing size you would like, 3/4" or 5/8"
  3. Using the drop downs above, please tell us how you want your hoop to look.

Disclaimer: Due to the variances in the way that polypro tubing is extruded, your 4 section hoop may not be a perfect circle. 33" and bigger hoops have more of a tendency to be slightly "wonky" shaped. The majority of all our hoops ARE perfectly circular, but there is a chance that your hoop might not be. 

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