UV Green Polypro Hula Hoop

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UV Green Polypro Hula Hoop


Do you want your hoop to really POP in the sun? This UV Green hoop is super bright and glows under UV lights! 


Your Benefits

  • Your choice of size.
  • UV Reactive tubing glows under blacklights. 
  • Your choice of 5/8" or 3/4" tubing
  • Super Light & Strong Polycarbonate Connectors With Aluminum Push Buttons.
  • Ships in 48 hours or less.
  • 6 Month Warranty.
  • Lifetime Free Repairs.


Help With Ordering

  1. Select your preferred size (diameter) of hoop. We measure from outside edge of the hoop. 
  2. Select style of Grip. Look at the image of the Grip Styles for reference on what they are. 
  3. Select the size tubing you want; 5/8" OD or 3/4" OD
  4. Grippy Gaffer Tape - If you choose a color we will put a 1/2" strip of grippy gaffer tape on the inside surface of your hoop. 


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Additional Info

Additional Info