1st Look Hoop Club


Stand Out From The Crowd

Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to be original and have a new hoop that NO one on EARTH has yet? (They might have them somewhere in the universe, we cannot guarantee the non-existence of other timelines or multi-verses).

Our 1st Look Hoop Club is your solution to those needs!


Spend $90 and get $120!!! WOW!


With The Spinsterz 1st Look program you will get notified 2 weeks before a new hoop design, color, style is released to the public. You'll be able to get that hoop 2 weeks before anyone else, giving you a jump on the crowd! 


Benefits of being an exclusive member

  • Get a new hoop design/color/style 2 weeks before anyone else.
  • Discount of $10 per month!
  • Free shipping to the United States
  • Be a part of an exclusive club
  • Make new friends in our 1st Look members-only Facebook group!



How the program works

  • You sign up for the type of membership that suits you best
  • We produce 1-2 new hoop designs per month
  • We'll announce via FB group and email about the new hoops with a special access code to get to them
  • You get an automatic discount of $10 per month!
  • We'll make and ship your hoop in 48 hours or less!
  • You get your hoop, and post on social media making all your other friends jealous! lol


Ready to become an exclusive member? Thought so! You can sign up with one of the options below. 



Here's a sample of hoops you might have seen had you been a member of the club!