Flow Arts and Circus

Flow arts and Circus is our PASSION!

We are fire dancers, builders, festival goers and lovers of fun and dance. We build props, teach workshops in Hooping, Poi, Fire Fans, Acro Yoga & Stilting, and we put on some pretty great fire shows too!

We have been in business for 13 years and that's not surprising given all the positive feedback we get from our customers. Take a look at our Testimonials!

We love to play with toys and teach you how to do so. In the process of using these "skill toys" you stop thinking about what you have to do today or your grocery list, and instead you become present in the moment. You will be fascinated by how healthy and liberating it feels to live in the moment, to be free of thought, to just allow yourself to BE.



During the summers we travel all over the country going to multi-day music festivals where we set up out booth and sell our circus props and fun festival toys. At a lot of these festival we teach workshops in flow arts, have performers showing off their skills on stages next to your favorite Dj's and doing ambient roaming performance throughout the event.

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Our shop and production facility

We ship our products all over the world every single day! What really sets up apart from the rest is our fantastic customer service and order fulfilment time of only 48 hours or less! Meet some of your team below and see who is working behind the scenes.

Spinsterz Shop and Production Facility

The Spinsterz Team

Brandon Huston

Brandon Huston


Brandon is a professional fun haver! He has been living a “circus lifestyle” for over a decade now and makes his leaving within this industry. He is the owner of The Spinsterz, an online prop manufacturing company. Brandon spent 8 years traveling around the us on festival tour, teaching workshops, doing fire and circus shows and slingin’ hoops!

Brandon currently owns and operates the Bend Circus Center; a gathering space for kids and adults who want to cultivate their inner circus freak! He teaches hoop workshops when he is not busy playing outdoors or managing his businesses. Did I mention he loves circles?

Abbi Doyle

Abbi Doyle

Production Manager/Customer Satisfaction Extraordinaire

Abbi is our warehouse manager and oversees as well as build a TON of hoop production and order fulfillment. She is a sweatheart and alwasy takes extra time to draw fun pictures and write speciall notes to all our loyal customers.

She's a playful one and love foot hooping and partner acrobatics! When you get place an order with The Spinsterz, there is a real good chance that Abbi has touched that order in one form or another.

Alec Sansone

Alec Sansone

Prop builder/shipping assitant

Alec is the newest member of The Spinsterz team and has been a huge help in getting all of our orders out the door and boxing up hundreds and hudreds of hoops over this past holiday season.

He's a fun guy, a bit silly and we are glad to have him on our team.

Jamie Allemand

Jamie Allemand

Hoop builder, fire artist, stilter and full time mom

Jamie has been helping us in the shop, teaching kids circus workshops and classes and doing fire performances with us for at least the last 5 years or so. She is an all around great gal that can breath fire, build hoops AND still give wonderful love and care to her two beautiful kids.

McKenzie Kramer

McKenzie Kramer

Hoop Taper and shop helper

McKenzie works part time in our shop when her school and life allows. Shes terrific at taping hoop and just generally helping out with things that need to get done around the warehouse. We're hoping that when she graduates that she'll be wanting to put in more hours and tape a BUNCH more hoops ;)


Learn from our Blog!

We've got an incredible resource on our site which features a TON of articles and videos all about hooping and flow arts. You can learn new tricks, be inspired by beautiful performances and learn all sorts of things abouy hooping that you never knew. For instance, did you know that hooping is a GREAT way to loose weight? Check out this article - https://www.thespinsterz.com/blog/hooping-healthy-before-and-after-photos/


Melissa Stockwell

Content Manager

Melissa heads up our Blog, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter accounts as well as manages a team of vaolunteer writers that cranks out content for our blog on a daily baiss. She's a total rockstar and has been working with us for about 1.5 years. So happy to have her on our team!

Melissa has always had a passion for dance. She discovered hoops and their magical powers in April of 2012. After searching ‘How to hula hoop’ and finding hoop dance videos on YouTube, she immediately realized what she wanted to do. A year later after countless hours of hard work and practice, she wanted to take her hoop dance to a new level. She then created the business and performance name TranscenDance. It was named after the word “transcendental”, which she uses to describe how hoop dance makes her feel and the state of mind it creates. She considers herself energetic, motivated, and supportive of others’ dreams. She is now teaching hoop dance classes/workshops, performing, and completing her bachelor’s degree in Business. It is her number one goal to turn this passion into a career to help support herself and her family.




❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎ WHY CHOOSING US IS A GREAT IDEA ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

We are with you from the start of your buying decision and will help you get the prop that best fits your needs and desires. We know how over whelming it can be to make a choice when you are presented with countless options.

We will have been in business for 10 YEARS and have helped out literally tens of THOUSANDS of people just like you, looking for the perfect flow prop that they will love for many years to come.

We not only sell product but we practice what we preach. We travel around the country teaching workshops, performing and spreading the hoop and flow arts love at festivals all summer long.

➤ We started a blog called ☆ HOOPTRICKS.ORG ☆ in 2009 so that we could help and inspire more hoopers through our thoughtfully written articles, helpful tutorials and 15 expert hoopers that write content daily for the site.

➤ We wanted to have a local impact so we started up ☆ BEND CIRCUS CENTER ☆ in 2012 to teach circus arts to our local community of kids and adults. We have taught over 1400 people in our town alone how to do really cool circus tricks!

It’s not an accident that we have a 5 star rating; we put YOU and your satisfaction as our number one goal.


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