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Beginner Hoops


Here you will find several collections of hula hoops that are perfect for the beginning hula hooper as well as someone that just wants a hoop they can dance and flow with on their body.

Let me help you decide if this category of hoops is right for you. Take a look at the bullet points below, if at least 2 of these resonate with you, then you will find a great hoop for you on this page!

  • I'm brand new to hooping and need a hoop to learn with.
  • I've been hooping for a while already and want new hoop to flow with.
  • I'm most interested in hooping on my waist. 
  • I'm looking for a cheap hula hoop that will last a long time.
  • I am mostly interested in hooping for fun and fitness.
  • I am not concerned with becoming an Instagram celebrity hooper. 
  • I want a hoop that fits my personality. 
  • I don't need a hula hoop for tricks.
  • I'm looking for a mellow dance partner to have fun with. 
  • I want a weighted hula hoop, but not too heavy.

If you were able to agree with just a few of the above points, then please read on, or if you already know what you want, go shopping already!

I'm new to hooping, what size hoop should I get?
Place the hula hoop on the ground, standing up.
The hoop should come up to somewhere between your waist and 3 inches above your belly button.
The smaller, shorter, lighter you are, the closer to your waist the hoop should measure.
The bigger, taller and heavier you are, the closer to your navel the hoop should measure.
You can't go wrong with a 38" hoop! It's the average size most adults get.

Here's a few things to keep in mind about hula hoops.

The bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it will move and the easier it will be to use and learn on body hooping with.
Beginner hoops are usually made from PE plastic.
The average size hoop for a beginner hooper is 36″ – 42″ in diameter.
If the hoop feels too heavy or big, you can always get another smaller one, and you probably will anyways!

Now that you have a bit of general info on hoop sizing, we're going to dive in a little deeper and help you get the PERFECT hoop that will meet your needs.

How are hula hoops measured?
Hula hoops are generally measured across the widest point of the hoop, this is referred to as the DIAMETER of the hoop. Most hoop makers measure from the outside edge to outside edge of the hoop, rather than measuring from inside edge.

You can also measure a hoop by it's circumference, which is taking a soft flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around the outside of the hoop, this will give you the circumference. You can also do a little bit of math with the formula below.

pi.png circle-circumference-formula.jpg


There are lots of schools of thought on what size hoop you should buy when you are a beginner hooper or just looking for a dance hoop. To help you understand this all better, we have a pretty nice resource on learning what size is going to be best for you. 


Beginner Hoop Sizing Chart

Under 5'

  • Under 100 LB - Dance Hoop 36"
  • 100-140 LB -Fitness Hoop 36"
  • 140-180 LB -Fitness Hoop 38"
  • 180-220 LB -Fitness Hoop 38"
  • 220LB + - Fitness Hoop L 40"

5'0" - 5'5"

  • Under 100 LB -Dance Hoop 38"
  • 100-140 LB -Fitness Hoop 38"
  • 140-180 LB -Fitness Hoop 40"
  • 180-220 LB -Fitness Hoop 40"
  • 220LB + - Fitness Hoop L 40"

5'5" - 5'10"

  • Under 100 LB - Fitness Hoop 36"
  • 100-140 LB-Fitness Hoop 38"
  • 140-180 LB -Fitness Hoop 40"
  • 180-220 LB -Fitness Hoop 42"
  • 220LB + - Fitness Hoop L 42"

5'10" +

  • Under 100 LB - Fitness Hoop 36"
  • 100-140 LB -Fitness Hoop 40"
  • 140-180 LB -Fitness Hoop 40"
  • 180-220 LB -Fitness Hoop L 42"
  • 220LB + - Fitness Hoop L 42"


I bet you're wondering what the terms, Fitness Hoop, Dance Hoop and Fitness Hoop L all mean!


Dance Hoop

  • 3/4" 100 PSI Polyethylene
  • Weighs approx 1 pound
  • This tubing is best for someone that is either already familiar with waist hooping or that falls into the category of small-medium waist, 5'5" or smaller and under 140 pounds.
  • This is also a great hoop for general on body hooping.

Fitness Hoop

  • 3/4" 160 PSI Polyethylene
  • Weighs approx 1.5 pounds
  • This hoop is a little heavier and will in general be easier to hoop with if you are an absolute beginner. This hoop is best for someone that is looking for a good workout or looking to lose weight.

Fitness Hoop L

  • 1" 160 PSI Polyethylene
  • Weighs approx 1.7 pounds
  • This hoop is a big one and honestly feels really nice as it is rolling around your body. This hoop feels like it is massaging your internal organs and your belly, which is actually a good thing and helps to get blood moving as well as detoxify your body. This hoop is best for someone with a Medium - large waist, 5'6" or taller and upwards of 190 pounds.


You're not going to find any of the Fitness Hoop L hoops on this page, for those we suggest you take a look at our collection of Exercise Hoops!


What size tubing should I get?

We decided to take the guess work out of your buying decision and just choose the very best hoop tubing to use based on your specifications. When you look at one of the hoops below, you will see drop down menus asking for your Body Type and How Tall You Are. These questions will help us understand your needs and get you the best weight and type of tubing.


I want a dance hoop, what size should I get?


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