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Adult Beginner Hoops




Here you will find several collections of hula hoops that are perfect for the beginning hula hooper as well as someone that just wants a hoop they can dance and flow with on their body


Which Hula Hoop for Beginners?

  • I'm brand new to hooping and need a hoop to learn with.
  • I've been hooping for a while already and want new hoop to flow with.
  • I'm most interested in hooping on my waist. 
  • I'm looking for a cheap hula hoop that will last a long time.
  • I am mostly interested in hooping for fun and fitness.
  • I am not concerned with becoming an Instagram celebrity hooper. 
  • I want a hoop that fits my personality. 
  • I don't need a hula hoop for tricks.
  • I'm looking for a mellow dance partner to have fun with. 
  • I want a weighted hula hoop, but not too heavy.

If you were able to agree with just a few of the above points, then please read on, or if you already know what you want, go shopping already!

I'm new to hooping, what size hoop should I get?

  1. Place the hula hoop on the ground, standing up.
  2. The hoop should come up to somewhere between your waist and 3 inches above your belly button.
  3. The smaller, shorter, lighter you are, the closer to your waist the hoop should measure. 
  4. The bigger, taller and heavier you are, the closer to your navel the hoop should measure.
  5. You can't go wrong with a medium sized hoop! It's the average size most adults get.

Please check out our in depth articles on What Size Hula Hoop Do I Need and What Size Hoop Should I Buy is an even more in depth look into the world of hoop sizing.

Here's a few things to keep in mind about hula hoops.

  • The bigger and heavier the hoop, the slower it will move and the easier it will be to use and learn on body hooping with.
  • Beginner hoops are usually made from PE plastic.
  • The average size hoop for a beginner hooper is 36″ – 42″ in diameter.
  • If the hoop feels too heavy or big, you can always get another smaller one, and you probably will anyways!