4 Fun and Helpful Facebook Groups for Hoopers

Hey, Hoopers! What’s on your Facebook feed? How about adding some fun hooper groups? Some have fun activities, and others will help answer your hoopy questions, or if just want to share your fun flow sesh with a group, that’s cool too! Be sure to look at the rules of the group when you join (click on the Pinned Post) and have fun!

Hooping Q&A and Feedback

Do you need feedback or tips on your flow videos? Don’t know if you’re doing the escalator correctly? Not sure if what you’re doing is a pizza toss or a vortex? Not even sure what the heck I even just said in the last two questions? Awesome. This is the group to ask. Hoop Tricks Q and A feedback is a group to post your questions and videos and get honest and constructive feedback or help from the team members at hooptricks.org and from fellow hoopers. This group is likely to grab your attention and make you satisfied with your help. It is a small group with a big staff of helpers, so your posts aren't going to get buried or ignored.

Thank you Mai Thai, a Hoop Loop member, for this photo
Thank you Mai Thai, a Hoop Loop member, for this photo

The Hoop Loop

Anything, and I mean ANYTHING hoop related is allowed in this group. The group’s administrators, me included, are all dedicated to making our group a safe haven for any hooper, any level, with anything they want to post related to our lovely little circles. Also, you should check out our song of the day calendar for a fun daily challenge to hoop it out to a preselected song of the day. Come spin! (The calendar can be found under “files” at the top of the group).

The Flow Game

Want to play? Cool. All you have to say is, “I’m in!” and someone will assign you a song. You hoop to it and post your video, then give that person a song to hoop to in return. It's that easy, and it’s super fun. It’s a chance for you to change up your flow because you never what style song you're new hoop friend will throw at you.

Hula Hoop Sell and Trade Exchange Place

It’s super simple, this is a place to buy, sell or trade your hoop. Businesses post specials, people post specific products they want at a certain price and people help each other find what they are looking for. It’s a happy hoopy family.

These are just a few of my favorite groups. What are your favorites? Are you following some of these groups already? Which group do you find most helpful (or fun)? Join the conversation by commenting on the website or on social media shares.