5 Reasons Hooping is the Best Exercise


As long as you have interest in hooping or hoop dance and there is a spark inside of you that says “I really would love to be able to do that”, you’re in for an amazing experience! 

Hooping can be MUCH easier than anyone realizes! 

1. Hooping Keeps your Interest and Gets you Excited

Have you ever noticed it is just really hard to get excited about going for a run, going to the gym, or doing sit-ups at home?  With hooping, you are much more likely to practice and stay interested because it is fun and there is always something new to learn.  You see rapid rewards of your practice whether it is learning a new trick, toning your core, or even sustaining the hoop around your waist for longer than 5 minutes!  You get one step closer to being able to effortlessly flow through combinations of tricks with each work-out session!

2. Hooping is an Instant Confidence Booster

This is especially true for those who take classes and are able to quickly learn many skills. You get the satisfaction of succeeding at so many milestones, it is hard to put it down. You’re going to think “If I could do all that, now what else can I do?!” You become proud of your body and what it is able to do! 

3. Hooping Burns LOTS of Calories

As long as you don’t give up or get discouraged and you continue to stay excited to practice often, you’re going to quickly find out how great this exercise really is. Hooping burns a whopping 400-600 calories per hour! This increases when you are doing high intensity and high energy tricks and flow sequences.

4. Hooping Provides Maximum Stress Relief

There are few things that feel as good as a hooping session. Full body and mind relaxation results from taking a mental break to focus on the precise, healthy movements of your body. 

5. Hooping Can Provide Relief from Depression and Anxiety 

You might be able to say goodbye to your depression for good! Exercise has been a proven way to stave off depression.Hooping has helped cure my depression completely and gives me the best and healthiest relief from my anxiety disorder. The effects last until well after my hooping session is over, too. The best thing you can do for depression is exercise, and choosing a work-out that keeps your interest is crucial! 

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