5 Tips for Double Hoops for Beginners


So you have decided you want to upgrade your flow by adding a second hoop (or third...or fourth!...) Or possibly, you're starting your hoop journey with more than one, either way, this is a new and exciting journey! Hooping with more than one hoop is a completely different experience from flowing with the single circle. There is no right or wrong time to approach multi-hoop flow. If you’re ready for a new challenge and will devote regular time to practicing, then you have what it takes!

Here are five tips for beginners to get started with multi-hoop flow. Grab a pair of mini-hoops or your favorite size twin hoops. With daily practice, you’ll be flowing like the pros in no time!

1. Getting the feel of holding more than one hoop

Start off by holding one hoop in your dominant hand. Play around and flow with the single hoop. Now pick up the second hoop as well. Continue with the single hoop flow while simply, holding the second hoop in your non-dominant hand. Seriously, just hold it, don’t worry about it. After enough practice like this, that second hoop will begin to incorporate itself without you even thinking about it.

2. Pick a few tricks you can do with both hands

Next, try doing some folds, isolations, or spins with both hands, at the same time. If you find that you have trouble mimicking these moves with your non-dominant side, practice on that side a bit extra before trying both at once. Move back and forth between sides. Do the move a few times with your dominant side, then try it twice as many times with your non-dominant side

3. Set time aside in your practice for multi-hoops... Always!

Hooping skills are gained through repetitive practice and the conditioning of small accessory muscles. Every new move nailed is a matter of “muscle-memory”. Practicing multi-hoops equally as much as you do with your single hoop (or more if you’re dedicated) is what will show you great improvement. It takes hard work and diligence. Sure, flow and tricks come more naturally to some people than to others, but the saying “it takes practice” is universal! So practice, practice, practice!

4. Learn the basic two beat weave and reverse two beat weave

Learning these two basic tricks will open the doors to a whole world of beautiful and intricate weaves. Three beats, five beats, behind the back, in front of the body, you name it! Weaves are great for transitions between technical tricks in your flow. Not to mention they are fantastic to watch and equally satisfying to accomplish!

5. Practice your favorite body roll tricks with two hoops

Body rolls are a crowd pleaser among your fellow hoopers and audience alike! They are also great for training your brain to process more than one hoop. Essentially in a traditional body roll, the hoop leaves one hand, travels across the body, and is caught by the other hand. We use both hands to achieve the trick. So, when you’re holding onto more than one hoop you can go two ways with it: you can juggle the hoops to achieve that traditional style of body roll, or you can start and stop the body roll with the same hand. Doing it in either way is a great exercise for the brain and will help train the mind to think in terms of more than one hoop.


If you’re feeling discouraged with your multi hoop flow, don’t give up! It took me several months for my brain to be able to finally process how to three-beat weave. Just remember that You are Beautiful and You are Enough just the way You are! Add hoops to your flow because it makes YOU happy, because it’s a new challenge, because it helps your brain grow, and because you love to keep learning!