Adults and Kids Hooping Together - Priceless Photographs

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Hooping with children gives us an entire new outlook on what it means to be a hooper. Have you ever noticed how quickly they pick things up and how fast they learn? I bet a few of you have found yourself somewhat jealous of them when they pick up a trick faster than you did! Their innocent hearts and minds, their endless energy, and their fascination with our hooping makes them very fun to hoop with!

Hooping is a wonderful way to interact and relate to children. Here are many photos of adults hooping with children and having a great time! Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Carolyn Mabry

This is a photo from the Raleigh Hoop Jam

Photo credit: Carolyn Mabry
                                             Photo credit: Carolyn Mabry

"This is playing with a young girl at SPARKcon. When I think about playing with kids, I don't really think of them as kids. I just think of them as hoopers, like me. And when I think of myself, I don't think of myself as NOT a kid. I still feel their age. I still feel every age I've ever been."

Carolyn 2

Ashley Desantis-Prenatt

Photo submitted by Ashley Desantis-Prenatt
Photo submitted by Ashley Desantis-Prenatt

"Once I had my second daughter Emma, I used hooping to get my body back into shape. It not only helped me get back into shape but to bond with my newborn baby. Holding her while hooping helped Emma and I bond; not only spiritually, but also emotionally. The very 1st smile she ever did after she was born was when I was holding her hooping around. I'll never ever forget that big smile she gave me from ear to ear while flowing. I'll never forget how we both felt either, it was just so special & when we locked eyes inside that circle together with her smiling & me smiling back I could actually feel our emotions, minds & bodies bond. It was truly magical. Emma is now a little over 3 months & to this day I still flow with her in my arms as we bond more & more each time."

Kashmir Stivers

"My daughter took an interest in hooping almost right away and she is working on isolations with me. Hooping is our way to get out our energy and bond"

Photo credit: Kashmir Stivers
                           Photo credit: Kashmir Stivers

Heather Catface Meowmers H

"This is my niece Lilith. She would always watch me when I hooped and constantly wanted to get close. Prior to buying her her own little hula hoop, I decided to hoop with her - literally!"

Photo Credit: Heather C M
                                Photo Credit: Heather C M

Krystal Honey

"Having a blast teaching my younger cousins to hoop at the beach, they are always so excited and eager to learn. I love how Lizzie tries to mimic the motions of the hoop and copy exactly what I'm doing."

krystal honey1
Photo credit: Krystal Honey
krystal honey2
Photo Credit: Krystal Honey

Agnes Carbone

"Hooping with Agnes"

aggie 3
                            Photo Credit: Agnes Carbone
Photo Credit Agnes Carbone
Photo Credit Agnes Carbone
Photo credit: Agnes Carbone and Krystal Pennell Photography
Photo credit: Agnes Carbone

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