Beginner Hoop Isolations: Step by Step Instruction

The best part about this article is that you can print it out and take it to practice, rather than needing internet connection to watch a tutorial over and over again. I hope this helps! 

This article will teach you how to do a hula hoop isolation or how to isolate your hoop. 

Here are my tips that I teach my students in my classes. Here is how to do isolations and how to keep them controlled and "isolated" in the same spot. Isolations are very important to learn and are a pre-requisite for many tricks you will learn down the road.

1. Start on the floor, so that your hoop cannot fall downwards.

2. Practice in a mirror. Keep a body part in the exact center of your hoop circle. Such as your head.

3. Here's the trickiest part, letting go and then re-gripping. See photos below. Also refer to #4.

how to do isolations pic


4. Do not let go of your hoop unless you are holding the top of your hoop! Only let go if you are in the blue area! See photo below. Keep your grip tight during the entire orange section. Picture the hoop as a steering wheel that is bolted solid and cannot move. It can only turn in the circle. (see step 5 & 6 below photo)

hoop isolations tips

5. Now, try it standing up! You can use your other hand to place under the bottom of the hoop to prevent it from going downward. Then, take it away and just use your one hand to hold the hoop and isolate in the circle. Your arms are going to hurt, but that's good news! That means you are making new muscles and will get toned arms!

6. Are you looking in the mirror? Is everything straight? No? Then refer back to the blue section of the hoop photo above. Are you only letting go at the blue section? Are you keeping a good grip on the orange part?

Realize your arm, hand, and wrist strength may not be where it needs to be yet. Keep working on it and build up the new muscles!

Now, practice this going counter-clockwise and clockwise with both your left and your right hand. It is the same concept as above, just going in the opposite direction! You will want to be able to do it both directions with both hands.

How did you do? Here is another helpful resource. Combine the advice I gave above with the suggestions given in this video. Does your isolation look anything like this?

Let us know how this goes for you and send us a video of your new skills! 

~written by Melissa Stockwell