Comparing Flows: Hoop Dance and Water

I head down to the creek. Climbing my way down the stairs we carved into the steep hillside, the rocks we laid as steps are now partly washed out. I stumble quickly down, I know these loose stones well. I marvel at how low the water level in the creek bed is- I mean it has been raining for days. It slowly drizzles now, as I stand next to the creek. My journal is safe under the covering of trees. I walk out onto the rock platform my brother built out into the water. I know there are small fish up creek, in deeper pools, but right now all I see are dark colored water bugs, gliding over the surface, pooling together in their own social dance.

Life in movement. This is the nature of the creek, and the nature of hoop dance. Fluid, graceful, and sometimes turbulent movement, consuming our lives, and bringing us a reliable theory in life. The way water flows, slow and smooth in some places of the journey, quick and crashing in places further down; our hoop journey mirrors the travels of water. Sometimes we are on a roll, getting lost in our flow, while falling hopelessly in love with our own souls and bodies. Other times, we are in a rut, life takes over, and we feel as if we are merely treading water, or worse, just barely with our heads above the surface. We find out further down-stream that rapids break, the water lazily drifts us into a calm eddie. Finally, we have found our natural flow again. Life is a cycle like this, the ebbs and flow of water, good times, stress, excitement, new things coming, and our past washing away.

The creek has a music of its own. Deer forging in the hill above me, birds singing, water flowing, slow-rain rustling the undergrowth that surrounds me. It brings me to the times I hoop without music. Sometimes it’s just a moment where I pick up the hoop, passing through the living room to the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s an impromptu burst of energy to dance outside, without the hassle of lugging out all the electronics. Finding the music within, the rhythm of my soul, I dance with my circle partner, lost in a blissful trance.

Climbing up creek, I find a place of stillness. What a gift it is to meditate on the image of still, cool water. This is a place of reflection. A time to embody this stillness, within my human form. Hear the Earth spin and hum around me, while I inhale a moment of peace. This is what hoop dance is to me. Flow state is a place that is quiet. Sure, it is movement, rapid decision making, and often times my favorite music blasting in the background, but on the inside, I am quiet and still.

What are your thoughts on water and hooping flow? Join me in the comment section below.