Dear Glorified Hooper... A Letter from your Fans


A photo of Alexis Collier (Dizzy Dynamic)

Between Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts, hoopers certainly have their place to create their own unique world and culture, together as a community. Within this circle there are dozens of “famous” names. In fact, most of all have a favorite flow artist, (let’s be real, several favorites…), and their clips are always dazzling us with inspiration. In my opinion, the best hoopers are artists who push us to be better ourselves, artists who jazz you up so much with their latest video that you respond by picking up your own hoop. Some of our favorites are still undiscovered, and that’s the way we like them! They still reply to comments and usually say “Thank you” to all their fans. They even visit our profiles and watch our videos in return. But we get it, once you have hundreds of followers, it’s too much to keep up with the updates. Trust me, there are still ways to appreciate your fans. For our favorites who boast hundreds of followers, here’s what your fans want from you:

1. Stay humble…
Even the most talented hoopers can lose followers if they don’t stay humble. It’s offensive when a really well known artist is pining for more, more, more. Be happy about where you are. When someone tells you that you have inspired them, that feeling should swell your being with love. It should be the best, sparkly feeling ever, knowing you have been a positive inspiration to someone! Never let that feeling dull in shine. Revel in it every single time, and say thank you.

2. Express gratitude…
If you have dozens of comments on your videos, backed by hundreds of likes and followers, be thankful and schedule time to express that gratitude to your internet community. We may not expect you to return every single little comment with a response, but every once in a while we hope to get a shout out as a group. My personal favorite celebrity Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl, has 1.3 million Instagram followers. She always takes time to blast her fans with love and gratitude for their interest and support in her. She always finds a poetic and loving way of expressing the gratitude she has for her fans, and you can tell it comes straight from her heart. If she has time for 1.3 million fans, surely you have time for yours as well. Harsh reality check: I have un-followed several hoopers who refused to ever respond to comments or say thank you. It’s a major turn off if you post things just to see what happens. We want you to interact with us! Think Deven Zimmer, who has shared with the hooping world her family life (yes, we love you Deven's Dad!). We feel special and important when you share and interact with us, rather then simply just posting videos of yourself.

3. Don’t complain…
If you’re a well-known name out there in our hooping internet world, don’t complain about not being “well-known enough”. It really grinds my gears when a super inspirational figure plays their violin about how they are not popular enough. We all know that so many fans out there find you an inspiration, and that hundreds of people follow you, and try to reach out to you, with comments on your posts. It’s insulting to those of us that you have inspired, that we are not good enough for you, and you are not thankful for us. If your number one goal is to get famous, maybe you should choose a path more superficial, as opposed to this sacred path, which inspires people to be better versions of themselves. If you’re some kind of elitist who thinks you’re better than the rest of us because you have been hooping longest, or did that trick first, or find yourself to be the most unique, you’ll be sure to see your followers drop fast, or stay stagnant. The brilliant thing about the hooping community is the intense love and support we all give each other. Therefore, your elitist behaviors really stick out like a sore thumb to us, and we will want to stay clear of that ju-ju!

4. Find a way to connect…

If you’re super “famous” in our world, draw out some concrete time to send out a blast to all your fans. You can tell several hundred people how much you love them, with only one post. Make it sincere, and reflect on how much your fans’ support means to you. Do this often, at least once every few months. The more often you do it, the more followers you will see. People need to feel special, loved, and appreciated. If you find you have a few fans in particular, who like every single one of your posts, and who always comment on your stuff, maybe try to make it a point to visit their account. Reach back out towards your biggest fans. It will keep you human and relatable, after all you are up on a pedestal now! Who knows, maybe you will even meet your next new best friend, or lover! Staying connected with your fans is a sure fire way to grow your following (and people will be posting screen shots of you trolling their page *insert fan girl status here*). You will be known as the sweet heart who is one of us, and loves to interact with their fans. Everyone will want a piece of you! Take a tip from our girl Alexis, (DizzyDynamic), genuine smiles and boundless gratitude are two things that will never go out of style.

So if you’re ever wondering how to make your fans feel more special, it really all boils down to love and attention. Be grateful for us and express that you’re committed and proud to be this role model for us. If your followers and internet traffic are at a stand-still, maybe you are not interacting enough with your fans, or maybe your response to your fame (or complete lack of response) is what is keeping people from engaging in your posts. Stay humble, be grateful, don’t complain, and keep connecting with us, and we will love you till the end of time!