Hoop Dance Warm Up Ideas with Videos

Need some ideas for warming up before stretching and learning new hooping tricks?

Written Ideas:

Run or briskly walk around the space

Dance to a good song

If able to waist hoop, do so while walking or slowly running around the space

Jumping jacks

Video Ideas:

Stretching Tips:

No static stretching until after you're done working out. Muscles must be very warm before doing them. What are static stretches? When your body is at rest and you stretch and hold the stretch for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Dynamic active stretching is when you use momentum to stretch and don't surpass your static stretching ability. Moves such as slow toe touches (without holding it), little circles and big circles with your arms, rotating hips side to side, or anything with movement without holding fall into this category.

I hope this helps, and happy hooping!