Hoop Witchcraft - Information and A Spell

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on September 27, 2014 at 2:16pm


"The circle is sacred, the circle protects, the circle is sacred, the circle is blessed..."

As hoopers, we all know how sacred this circle is to us...but have you ever wondered about the possibilities of these circles having REAL magical powers?

Wicca is a new-age religion organized in the 1950s, but is based on beliefs which began as far back as 2000 BC, with a strong focus on earth-worship.

As a Wiccan (and a hooper) the importance of circles is both clear and mysterious. The circle is believed to be the source of life; the beginning and end to all. The earth is a circle, an embryo is a circle, scientific studies have theorized that space is curved, (which may speculate that even space is a circle).

Even time, itself, moves in a circular motion. It can be easily seen through the seasons and even in the cycle of life and death.

Circles are present everywhere in nature, but what gives the circle such mysterious and magical power is the Wiccan (and most Pagan) believes behind the symbol of the circle.


In Wiccan practice, it's common to "cast a circle," which is done in many ways, but the point of casting a circle is to achieve a multitude of benefits; see if these benefits can be related to how YOU feel when inside your hoop:

  • Create a sacred space; being that all the sacred areas of the universe are circular, mimicking this serenity creates an area of quiet reflection. It's an area that clears the mind and allows a strong focus.
  • Amplifies power; inside, circle's energy is heightened and personified. Whatever emotion is felt when casting, will be manifested though your body. A circle can create feelings of empowerment, confidence, and strength.
  • Acts as a rift between worlds; The circle is not just a stabilizer of meditation; it also acts as a doorway between our world and the various dimensions outside of us. Typically feelings associated with this are empathy, ecstasy, inspiration, overwhelmed and happy.

What is truly amazing how much a simple shape is that it can hold so much power. The strength form the circle is believed to be derived from the all-encompassing elements:
Earth- Balance and stability
Water- Flow and emotions
Air- Intellect and communication
Fire- Willpower and passion
Ether, or rather "The Force"- the fifth element, which can be looked at as spiritual energy.

Pentagram elements

When all these elements are encompassed, they create a pentagram; when the pentagram is formed a circle appears around it, symbolizing the balance, respect and importance of all five of these elements.

If you feel this way about your hoop, I suggest you bless it with these elements, by casting, what I'd like to call a "Portable Circle." This blessing with strengthen your connection with your hoop, and can help you in all areas of your hoop-life.

You see, the only prevalent difference between a Wiccan circle, and a hooper's circle, is the fact that a hoop is a physical object that can be transported; where a Wiccan circle is typically not visible, and is created in one area.

Blessing Your Portable Circle:

You will need:

  • A cup of water
  • A bowl of salt
  • A crystal or pretty rock
  • A stick of incense of your liking
  • A white or red candle
  • A compass or knowledge of where North, South, East, and West are located

1. Begin by finding a place (preferably outside) where you will not be disturbed. Place your hoop down and stand inside. Ground yourself with a short mediation.
Imagine tree roots growing down into the earth from your feet, pulling in the energy from the earth into your body, from the feet up until you are completely submerged. Take your time doing this, you shouldn't feel rushed or anxious.

2. When you have mediated long enough and you're fully calmed, take your salt and sprinkle it on the outer area of your hoop. Salt is a natural cleanser and stimulates the circle. Try chanting, "This circle is sacred, this circle protects, this circle is sacred, the circle is blessed." Sprinkle the salt around your hoop three times clockwise. Clock-wise is a direction that invites energy in.

3. Face NORTH with your crystal, and invite the earth element in. You may want to think of an image or memory that made you marvel at the wonder of this element. Recall hooping in a beautiful place, or imagine yourself doing so. Vocally ask the spirit of earth to enter your circle, respectfully and lovingly. Trace a pentagram with your crystal towards the north. Place the crystal just outside of the hoop pointing towards north.

4. Light your incense and face EAST. Invite the air element in. Air rules over thoughts and intellect, so reflect on the tricks you've performed and the stratify you use while you learn. Vocally ask the spirit of air to enter your circle, respectfully and lovingly. Trace a pentagram with your incense towards the east. Place the incense either in the holder or in the ground right outside of the hoop in the direction of east.

5. Light your candle and face SOUTH. Invite the fire element in. Fire is an element of passion, so reflect on your love for hooping. If you fire spin, recalling a memory of doing this would be extremely ideal. Vocally ask the spirit of fire to enter your circle, respectfully and lovingly. Trace a pentagram in the direction of the south. Place the candle right outside the hoop in the direction of south.

6. Face WEST with your cup of water and invite the water element in. It would be helpful to reflect on the flow of hooping, and how your flow and water's flow intertwine with one other. Vocally ask the spirit of water to enter your circle, respectfully and lovingly. Trace a pentagram with you cup towards the west. Place the cup right outside the hoop in the direction of west.

7. Sit in your circle marveling at the energy around you. Ask each element (in the same rotation as before), to bless your circle. You may do this mentally or vocally, in whatever way feel comforting to you. You may also ask for more specific blessings, such as landing a particular trick, having more inspiration, or having a smoother flow.

8. After you have mediated one each element and asked them to charge your hoop with their energy, cast each one off in the order of west, south, east and north. Make sure you thank them for blessing your hoop and being present for your ritual.

9. Try out your new-charged hoop and comment this article to tell us how awesome it was! :D