Hoopernova: Representing Hoopers and Hoop Dancers!

I wanted to share more information about Hoopernova and I put together this article, including an interview with the owners of Hoopernova.

                                                               Photo Credit: Robert Stone Nadel Photography

Hoopernova is an agency dedicated to representing professional hula hoopers and flow artists. Hoopernova aims to bring professional hooping into mainstream society. 

"We provide our talent the access to promotional tools and provide them with direct bookings and marketing to help supplement their existing promotion strategy. Our hooper styles range from workshop tutors to performers who all have a passion for flow arts that is unanimously high.

When booking through Hoopernova, you get extra professionalism that you won't find when booking some independent talent. We take the surprise out of your booking process as all of our artists have gone through screenings and training that help to ensure an experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests and staff. Our balance of work with our clients and our hoopers can create an experience like none other."

1. How and why was Hoopernova created? 

"In 2012-2014 CEO and founder of Hoopernova, Steph Baxter (aka Stee Bax) was performing club events and concerts while managing Cleveland's Bomb Squad. Around that time, Matt Tyrrell had just moved to Ohio from Los Angeles, where he had been working on app development and running marketing campaigns in the performance industry.

After several brainstorming sessions and conversations with Rachael Lust, Nick Minton, Angelina Rose, Sheri Alice, and their sponsors, a plan was formed. The plan was to bring more money into flow arts through giving performers access to professional marketing services, assistance with brand development, and a new application tool to the hooping community."

2. What are your biggest accomplishments and things you're most excited about with Hoopernova?

"Continuing to follow our dreams and never giving up is a great accomplishment for us and everyone else that is continuing to follow their heart. After releasing the idea of Hoopernova to the hoop community we were able to accept applications by hoopers that are performing and teaching nationwide. Our team is dedicated to their passions and careers and we are truly lucky to have them. Our biggest accomplishments include connecting with possible investors, working with the largest company in the EDM industry, and collaborating with talent from all different art forms. The community will be seeing the product of this hard work by Summer of 2018."

                                                                              Photo Credit: Robert Stone Nadel Photography

3. What are your goals for Hoopernova for the future?

"As our company grows and our clientele increases we will be announcing a new structure of Hoopernova where we will be assigning performers, instructors, and brand ambassadors to fun and new and exciting events and promotions! Our talent has already received sponsors from brands and companies outside of the hoop community and we strive to continue finding the right brands for our talent to represent. In a few years I hope that we can maintain our amazing following and have created this entertainment industry standard that will open doors for youth hoopers and the next generation and so forth after that. We are the generation that will be laying the ground work for this practice for years to come and it is truly a beautiful experience to be a part of it."

4. What things are you working on currently that you're excited about?

"We are creating a brand for ourselves that will be able to professionally represent hoop talent. On Instagram (@contacthoopernova) we are currently hosting a promotion called "Hoopernova Pro Tips" (#hoopernovaprotips) where our featured performers are giving their fans advice that they can use to become a professional hoop dancer themselves. So far, Sheri Alice of Extraordinary Arts, LLC and Brittany Marie the founder of Infini-Tribe have shared their personal tips with fans! We are also currently expanding the way that hoop dancers can be used for brands and event entertainment; everyday we become one step closer to that Entertainment Industry Standard that is ultimately our goal."

5. Is there anything else you want the public to know about Hoopernova?

"With the community behind our featured performers there is nothing that this team can't do. I would like to use this space to thank all of our current followers and supporters, if there's anything that you'd like to see from us please let us know and I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little more about our company and our goals!"