Hooping Healthy - Before and After Photos!

Hooping is not just something you do for fun, it is also a very powerful fitness and weight loss instrument that can give you incredible results! 

Here's a quick rundown of some of the Benefits of Hula Hooping

  • Burns approximately 7 calories per minute hooping, which equates to over 400 calories an hour
  • Increases heart rate; great cardio workout
  • Increases stamina
  • Improves your body’s balance and flexibility
  • Strengthens and tones your arms, legs, and abdomen
  • Works about 30 muscles in and around your body's core
  • Strengthens your low-back stabilizing muscles, which can help anyone with a history of back pain
  • Improves spine’s strength and flexibility
  • Helps you to develop a sense of body awareness
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills

Below are just some of the success stories of people who found hooping to be body and life changing. 

Lindsay Wysong

Owner of Ruby Hooping and an inspirational leader in the hooping community showing that anyone, no matter the body type can hoop and benefit from it.

Check out this really cool video she made.

"Hooping has been a powerful tool for me. Finally I have found a workout that never feels like work because it's so fun and the possibilities are endless! I will be a hooper for the rest of my happy, healthy life!"

Kazy Stivers

"Hooping has saved my life! Opened my mind, body and heart"

Jen Donat Sedlock

"I've been up and down my whole life, but I finally picked up a hoop and the transformation was incredible! With hooping and going Paleo, I lost 75 pounds in the last year (and have maintained my weight for the past 4 months), started my own hooping company, and have taught hooping to hundreds of kids and adults. I love this journey, and am happy that others are also posting their pics, too! Hooping is a great way to help with good health!"

Jackie Katarzyna Gajda

Jackie went through a different (but just as inspiring) journey to health with hooping.

"Hoopdance has changed my life by helping me stay in recovery from the most deadly mental illness, Anorexia Nervosa. Hooping has made me understand the actual dimensions of my body, and the amazing fluid moves it can do."

Due to possible Anorexa triggers, her before photo is not included. You can ask her on facebook to PM you a copy of the photo if you would like to take a look.

Jenna Rose Smith


                                Jenna used hooping to help herself recover from a severe car accident.

"I noticed the change in the way I carried myself, in my mind and my spirit. The defined core is just a surprise added bonus! It also helped rehabilitate my hips after I flipped my car off of a cliff. Hooping gave me incentive to push myself up, and work to walk again; I'm so addicted to feeling that flow. Hooping changed my body when it was unhealthy, fixed my body when it was broken, and is completely a part of my soul."

Amanda Lynn Wrege

"Hooping as a part of weight loss gave me an awareness of my body that I never had before. Transforming myself into a healthier woman took time, just as growing into a hooper did. I'm grateful my hoop journey began at the same time as my health journey, because it has given me a new way to express a love for myself through flow."

Lauren Taylor

"Hooping gave me more energy and taught me to push myself. I always thought I wasn't an athletic person and wasn't 'built' to be that kind of person. Now I know that I am capable of being good at something that requires physical activity!"

Gaia Vibrations (facebook name)

"40 lbs down in 2 years. I believe that working out must be fun. If you're not having fun, you will not stick with it. Hooping is FUN! And that's why you see results! (Roller derby is fun too, but I have much less bruises with hooping)"

Alyssia Messler

"From 185, to 135 and I couldn't be happier about what hooping has done for me."

Nicole Irons

"At first I didn't think hooping was going to stick or work, but as I started this journey I started to see all the amazing benefits physically and mentally. It connects you with your body and soul."

Melissa Stockwell

"Hooping is the only exercise I would never get tired of doing every day of my life. I have tried running, walking, treadmills, lifting weights, dancing, sit-ups, and many other conventional work-outs. This is the only one that makes me excited to live life every single day. This is the only one I can do for up to 6 hours in one day. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I've been doing this for over 3 years now, and I'll never stop."

Heather Leopold Kirkendall

"I started hooping 5 years ago for fun to connect with my then pre-teen daughter. I soon found that this hula hoop was offering me much more than could have been expected. I was spreading the 'Hoopiness' for about 3 years before I found out about Hoop Fitness and Hoop Dance. I was fortunate to have Abby Albaum from Hoola Monsters close to my home town and took her Hoola-Fit Certification class. I now touch over 60 people a week and continue to be inspired by and through this 'Hula Hoop' The weight loss was really just a side effect of the real work that was happening on the inside"

Katja Roo

"Hoopdance has transformed me physically and mentally. Through hooping, I have become far more connected to my body and aware of its needs. Experiencing "Flow" with my hoop has allowed me to channel flow, and go with the flow, in daily life. I have overcome obesity, depression and anxiety. That's why I've decided to found Groovyhoops as my way of raising money for healthy lifestyle workshops for underprivileged youth. With 15% of each sale going toward the cause, I hope to afford to give each child in attendance a hoop of their own free of charge."

Amber Haskins

"50 lb difference in these photos. So very happy with how hard I am working towards these goals. Id like to dedicate this transformation all to the hoop."

Sin Pinkert

"Hooping is the only 'exercise' I have ever stuck to. I've always struggled with my weight and been on the heavy side, but once I started hooping I was hooked. The weight took a long time to start coming off but once it did it Really Did! The more I lost the more I'd hoop , the more I felt the urge to learn. What has made the biggest difference for me has been the amazingly supportive community of hoopers I have gotten to know along the way. I started out at 285lbs and as of today am down to 187.4lbs and feeling fabulous! Anyone can hoop, it just takes practice and patience. Shine On Hoopers!"

Are you convinced that hooping is amazing for weight loss and health? Start now and feel it for yourself!

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Thank you to everyone that submitted photos and quotes for this! Your journeys are very inspiring!